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Posted on December 9, 2017


As a baby photographer, I often get asked what my favorite milestone age is for babies.

I never hesitate to answer, “Six months”…

An age where tummy time is a cinch…

And smiles are abundant.

Toes are still scrumptious…

And sitting up solo is a newly perfected talent:

I call it The Golden Age of baby photography.

This little petal did a fantastic job of being perfectly pretty for her Golden session:

And so did her eyelashes.  Such fantastically feathered fringe!

With big brother, it was cuteness times two…

Precious darlings, everyone loves you!

Stay golden, little petal.

I love her!

To the proud parents:  Good heavens to cuteness, you have adorable babies! Thanks so much for bringing your little ones into my studio for so many photo sessions as they have grown. Photographing them has been such a gift. I hope you love this preview of your princess… I’ll have the rest finished soon!

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I love this age of 3.

See, there’s this window between toddler and kid.
Babyness stretches out…limbs get longer…and energy is at all all time high.

But, despite how quickly he seems to be growing up, remember-
He still needs help tying his shoes.
He still has that baby curl above his ear.
And he still plays just like little almost-kids do…

No more chubby baby hands….
but these growing hands are grabbing for a toy truck. Not the keys to a real one….. yet.

His smile is now full of teeth.
But, they’re still the tiny ones.  Precious plentiful pegs that only almost-kids have.

What else is there to love about this age of 3?

It’s packed with unprompted expressions.
Please enjoy the following….

The Pouty Face:

The Yucky Face:

The Give-this-Boy-the-World face:

And forget the old “Thinker Pose”….

I give you….The Intellectual.

Oh, this age of 3.
Growing so big… yet, still considered little.

Raise your hand (with a powerful fist) if you love your photographer!

I love him right back!

To his mother:  I’m just a shocked as you are that your baby boy is a three-year old.  I’m so glad you brought him back into my studio for this session. Having him grow up in front of my camera has been such a gift. As always, it was great laughing with you! I hope you love your preview so far- the rest will be finished soon!

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When a face this scrumptious is topped with hair-a-plenty… 
…there’s bound to be too much swoon to fit in the room.

What a perfect darling… right down to each tiny eyelash…

These smoochable cheeks…

we shall swoon for weeks.

And when newborns give me this most-favorite expression?  I always consider it a bonus:

Isn’t she lovely?

Aren’t these newborn-peelies wonderful?

And just when you think it can’t get any better?

Hair over the ears and SHOULDER FUZZ!!!

She stole my heart along with ALL my swoons.

I love her!

To her mother: It was such an honor to photograph another beautiful baby of yours. Yes- she put me to work, but I sincerely loved every minute with her. And you!  You are so sweet and chill… with a soul as beautiful as your face. I hope you love these so far… I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

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We talk about it all the time… how quickly baby’s first year flies by.
But, when you see a side-by-side comparison of just how MUCH that baby changes within that year?

It never ceases to amaze me.
This baby grew, not only in size, but also in personality.

For most of his photo sessions, he would stare at me like I was a crazy lady. (Which, let’s be honest… being part loon is a requirement for baby photographers… anything to get their attention!)

But, his one-year session was extra special.
Because he came out of his shell and rewarded this loony photographer with lots of smiles.

Yeah, he hammed it up, big-time.

And when I wanted extra cheese with that ham?

He obliged.

Along with big smiles comes super-cute curiosity…

And lots of tumble fun… at this sweet age of one.

And holy moly. Can we just stop and praise these lashes?

Yes, one is such a precious age…

When first steps happen… and just like that…. they go from baby to toddler. Way too fast.

I love him!

To his parents:  My heavens, what a bittersweet photo session. I have LOVED photographing both your boys throughout the years. I’m not sure any child’s eyelashes will impress me more than theirs. Thank you so much for another wonderful year. I have so many favorites from this session, I had trouble deciding which to work on first for this blog. I hope you love these so far.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll have the rest finished soon!

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