Posted on May 17, 2012

Holy goodness moly.  This baby.  She doesn’t just smile.  She smiles with her everything.

I can’t even WALK normal after photographing her.  I am forced to skip, folks.  And strangers wonder why I’m smiling when I step in parking-lot gum.  Yes, photographing this girl puts me in a perma-grin for the rest of the day.

She always has miles of smiles.  But, for the split second that she stops smiling, her face takes on a completely different look.  And, I have to capture it, because it is just as beautiful.  See?

This is what I call hammin’ it up bigtime.  (That should be capitalized.)  HAMMIN’ it up BIGtime!

Hello, sweet face:

This smile makes music.

And, just because babies do this… and it never gets old:

To her parents:  Your faces must hurt.  And, your neighborhood must be perma-grin city.  I remember I was smiling while I was working on these photos.  What a blessing your little smiler is!  Thanks again for another uplifting session.  I can’t believe she will be a year old the next time I photograph her!  Already looking forward to it.

Posted on May 14, 2012

This baby boy is simply gorgeous.  Gerber baby, eat your heart out.

He had such handsome features with his round face, dark lashes and perfectly shaped lips.

Far beyond the moon, I swoon.

He was a champion model when he slept, and he was a champion model with his parents, too.

And, even though he slept through some of his photos… make no mistake… these toes are awake:

I just love you, little Champ.

To his parents: What wonderful people you are.  I think this boy has no choice but to continue being wonderful, too.  You know I am already looking forward to his next session.  If he was this amazing for his 3-month session, he’s going knock the next one out of the park.

Posted on May 11, 2012

I swear, my heart must grow ten sizes every time I meet a new baby.  I can almost picture it bursting through the little frame, Grinch style.  To big to measure?  These babies are to blame.  My heart swelleth over!

By the time I leave my studio… I must look like a great, big, beating heart with legs… walking to my car. Make that skipping.  After a shoot like this, there is definitely some peppin’ in my steppin’.  Plus… hearts have good beats.

Be still, my heart:

Don’t you just want to stick your nose right into her little baby neck and breathe in the sweet new-baby scent?  High on baby.

Hi, Presh…

This was her idea.  Little Lady Love came with long fingers.  And she wanted to showcase them. I’m so glad she did.

CHEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!!!  (My cheeks outburst. bound to happen.)

This next shot makes me want to say something my mother-in-law always says when she sees something cute.  “Awww, looka there!”

With equal parts squishy and sleepy, this miss was a photographer’s dream.  I had to resist the urge to squeeze on her the whole time.  She slept so swell, I didn’t even get to snuggle her that much.  (I know where they live. Haha, DING DONG!)  😉

I just had to…

To her parents: HOW CAN YOU STAND IT?!  Just write “Stare at babies” at the top of your to-do list, followed by nothing else.  I can’t image how you can get anything done when all you must want to do is stare at your lovlies.  (For those that don’t know- they also have an adorable “big” brother.) You sure do have a lot to be proud of and I feel so lucky to be able to photograph another darling baby of yours.  I hope you like this preview- and knowing you, there might have been some watery in the eyes?  I love when that happens.  Oh yes I do…

Posted on May 9, 2012

Snuggly little, lovely little, darling love bug.  She had the tiniest hands I’ve ever seen on a 3-month old.  Even smaller than some newborn hands. I’m pretty sure of that.  Bless her sweet, tiny little love buggy-ness.

She did a lot of talking, this little love bug.  Baby talking.  And she was great at responding after I talked to her.  I love a good listener.  This is her listening face:

She was so good at being a baby.  That’s all I really ever ask them to do…

Then, it was time for the magic bonnet of sleepiness.  After her mama put it on her and fed her a bit, she went to dreamland.  Oh, sleeping baby girl in a bonnet… You are so sweet.  And so classically girly.

I love her to pieces… such a pretty little thing.

To her Mama, her Granny and her young auntie ~ Y’all were great and I loved how little “Auntie M” (yes, I decided to give you a nickname, too) kept giggling at my “growl” noises.  I can tell how much this baby is loved and your session was a lot of fun!

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