A  family-heirloom baseball bat and daddy’s ball and glove make for an extra-special set up…


But nothing’s more special than the new baby boy on the bench…


Wrapped-up snug and dreaming of…. home runs?


Yep… definitely home runs.


Prepare to swoon to the moon:
because, peely-fresh newborn toes!!


Can you smell the new-baby aroma through your computer or phone?

You might if you look at this next one…


I can’t pick one favorite feature … it’s a tie between his perfectly squishy lips…


and these glassy, beautiful eyes:


All too soon, he won’t be able to be this close to a ball without throwing it.
Sweet boy, stay a newborn for a while…


This baseball baby is also a football fan.  And super. Stinkin. Cute.



I love him!

To his mother: Sweet girl!! I can’t stop being so incredibly happy for you. I knew you’d be an amazing mama and seeing you with your new bundle made my heart sing. Thank you so much for bringing him into my studio for such an important and anticipated milestone. I was honored to do it! I loved meeting his grandmother too…Such a wonderful family. I hope you love these so far and I’ll have the rest finished soon!


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