We talk about it all the time… how quickly baby’s first year flies by.
But, when you see a side-by-side comparison of just how MUCH that baby changes within that year?

It never ceases to amaze me.
This baby grew, not only in size, but also in personality.

For most of his photo sessions, he would stare at me like I was a crazy lady. (Which, let’s be honest… being part loon is a requirement for baby photographers… anything to get their attention!)

But, his one-year session was extra special.
Because he came out of his shell and rewarded this loony photographer with lots of smiles.

Yeah, he hammed it up, big-time.

And when I wanted extra cheese with that ham?

He obliged.

Along with big smiles comes super-cute curiosity…

And lots of tumble fun… at this sweet age of one.

And holy moly. Can we just stop and praise these lashes?

Yes, one is such a precious age…

When first steps happen… and just like that…. they go from baby to toddler. Way too fast.

I love him!

To his parents:  My heavens, what a bittersweet photo session. I have LOVED photographing both your boys throughout the years. I’m not sure any child’s eyelashes will impress me more than theirs. Thank you so much for another wonderful year. I have so many favorites from this session, I had trouble deciding which to work on first for this blog. I hope you love these so far.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll have the rest finished soon!

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