I don’t think a face can get any more perfect than the one on this baby boy…

And I’m not just saying that because he’s my nephew and I’m biased as all get-out.
Nor am I just saying that because I’m proud of his perfection of The George Costanza Pose:

He’s a boy who is as sweet as he looks… with lashes that are both blonde and black at the same time and cheeks that are still squeezable.

And then there’s the cheesin’.

You have regular smiles…. “raise your hand if you love your auntie!”….

And you have the looking-too-grown grins….

But, there’s nothing quite as glorious as… the cheesin’:

Unless you consider my favorite baby angle… where there’s a peek of eyelashes and all kinds of baby-cheek squish…

And while we’re on the subject of baby cheeks… the big-boy clothes came off…

and the other cheeks got some air time, too:

I love him so!!

To my sister:  I loved doing this bittersweet photo session while your boy was still our family’s baby. *sniffle* He is such a sunshine… full of life and love… with just the right amount of “old soul” mixed in for good measure.  I can’t even put into words how happy I am that you all will be living closer to us soon.  Thanks for your extreme patience as I put sooo many clients ahead of you until I had the time to work on these.  There’s a lot more where these came from and I can’t wait for you to see them all soon!


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