When a face this scrumptious is topped with hair-a-plenty… 
…there’s bound to be too much swoon to fit in the room.

What a perfect darling… right down to each tiny eyelash…

These smoochable cheeks…

we shall swoon for weeks.

And when newborns give me this most-favorite expression?  I always consider it a bonus:

Isn’t she lovely?

Aren’t these newborn-peelies wonderful?

And just when you think it can’t get any better?

Hair over the ears and SHOULDER FUZZ!!!

She stole my heart along with ALL my swoons.

I love her!

To her mother: It was such an honor to photograph another beautiful baby of yours. Yes- she put me to work, but I sincerely loved every minute with her. And you!  You are so sweet and chill… with a soul as beautiful as your face. I hope you love these so far… I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

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