Skin softer than the petals on her little outfit… meet my newest niece:

Perfectly precious in more ways than I can say…

and even more beautiful than the flower she’s named after.

Now, prepare yourself….
Because these toes, y’all.


My favorite thing about her?
Rolls for days!  I can count at least 11!!

Maximum swoonage, straight to the moonage!

And look at that little chin… tucked all in…

Her mommy is a major pumpkin lover.

And I kid. You. Not.  I said, “Do you love pumpkins, too?”

And this happened.

Auntie’s Lil’ Punkin.

I love her like crazy!!

To her parents: Good heavens. Thanks for bringing another beautiful niece into the world for me to love. (Just for me, lol)  She is absolutely perfect and loved by all of us more than she will ever know.  I enjoyed every second of this photo session and I hope you love your preview so far.  The rest will be finished soon!  And I can’t wait to work on her birth photos!  I’ll have to prep my feels for those!

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