I love this age of 3.

See, there’s this window between toddler and kid.
Babyness stretches out…limbs get longer…and energy is at all all time high.

But, despite how quickly he seems to be growing up, remember-
He still needs help tying his shoes.
He still has that baby curl above his ear.
And he still plays just like little almost-kids do…

No more chubby baby hands….
but these growing hands are grabbing for a toy truck. Not the keys to a real one….. yet.

His smile is now full of teeth.
But, they’re still the tiny ones.  Precious plentiful pegs that only almost-kids have.

What else is there to love about this age of 3?

It’s packed with unprompted expressions.
Please enjoy the following….

The Pouty Face:

The Yucky Face:

The Give-this-Boy-the-World face:

And forget the old “Thinker Pose”….

I give you….The Intellectual.

Oh, this age of 3.
Growing so big… yet, still considered little.

Raise your hand (with a powerful fist) if you love your photographer!

I love him right back!

To his mother:  I’m just a shocked as you are that your baby boy is a three-year old.  I’m so glad you brought him back into my studio for this session. Having him grow up in front of my camera has been such a gift. As always, it was great laughing with you! I hope you love your preview so far- the rest will be finished soon!

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