Does this look familiar to anyone?

If so, it’s because we replicated some of the same shots we got of her older sister several years ago.

She already favors the baby version of her big sister.  Put her in the very same outfit with the very same daddy in his very same boots holding his very same rope… and it’s Flashback City.  (Or rather… Flashback Ranch?)

I had so many flashbacks, I felt like I was in a Lifetime movie.  (or The Walking Dead. There’s a crud-ton of flashbacks in The Walking Dead.)

I was excited at their idea to recreate the past.  Because I loved this idea then and I love it now.

I love her blue-blue eyes and that pretty pout mouth!

This is a completely different baby, though.  And, I didn’t forget that.  Because she put her own spin on things.

Her daddy’s buckle was heavy and awkward for her to pick up, which was a little frustrating for her because (obviously) it looked delicious. I’m sure all teething babies will agree.

And now… to take the cow out of cowgirl.  She was all girl.  I think she liked it.

Hello there, beautiful lady!

This is another blast from the past… she is wearing the same skirt, tights, shoes and headband on the same knotty rug… just like big sister did years ago.

But, as I mentioned… she is a completely different baby.  She wanted us to remember that, so she requested her lovie and found her thumb and made herself at home.

If you’re wondering if my studio has a relaxing atmosphere… here’s your answer.  Because I love when the photography does the talking.

Ah, flashbacks are fun.  Just like these two sisters.  Such a darling pair in all their Christmas flair:

To their parents: I say this every time, but it’s always true. Thanks so much for making the drive from Kentucky.  I love talking music with you and laughing and playing with your beautiful and sweet girls. It is always a good time!  I LOVED how excited big sis was to be back at my studio and how she was even more excited to put on her new Christmas dress and new shoes.  Such a girly girl.  I’m looking forward to the same excitement repeating itself with little sis. I hope you like these… the rest will be finished soon.

I know someone really cute.   He comes into my studio every 3 months.  And his smile gets bigger every time.

He’s this guy:

And when this guy is dressed in a plaid shirt and sweater vest… he is THIS guy:

A baby disguised in big-boy clothing.  It is something all baby boys go through.  And it’s quite hilarious.

And super cute.

Especially when there’s a “teething face” involved:

This guy in his sweater vest… cute stuff and he knows it.

He got so tickled, he was on his way to Tumble Town.  No worries, his daddy was right there.  Always a spotter for safety!

Looking a little too grown up in your outfit, sir…

Good golly goodness.  That smile.

Now, let’s get back to baby basics.  Because, I swear, this guy is still a baby.

With a gorgeous pair of blues:

This guy! He’s beautiful.

And toes for counting.  Show me- Which wiggly piggy went to the Piggly Wiggly?

His eyes, how they twinkle…

These lashes, how merry.   (And unfair-y).


Now, there’s something in that first santa-hat picture that I retouched in Photoshop.  Because, although I love drool, parents and grandparents often like to have a drool-free option.

But, what fun it is!

To his parents: What great parents you are and it’s easy to see how much your boy loves you right back. I loved laughing with you and I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished veeeeeeerrry soon!

His parents and I managed to stay alive during this session with a very wild and rambunctious 3-year-old boy.

That face, though.  What. A. Face.

As our batteries ran out, he seemed to find a secret place to continuously recharge his.

At one point, I tried to transfer some of his energy to me by grabbing his hand.  Don’t try that at home.  Because all it did was allow him to steal energy from my dwindling and pitiful grown-up supply.

Oh, I kept up with him, though.

Rambunctious 3-year-old?  Bring him on!  Because cute things will happen.

He loved playing Peek.

Peek-a-Boo = cuteness. Guaranteed.

There you are!

And, yes, the song “Stayin’ Alive” came on during the shoot.  I knew then and there it would be my blog title.  I jokingly said my CRATE was staying alive.  He loved jumping on it and it was creaking for mercy!  

He is always full of beaming smiles… but this is what happened when I asked him to be a rock star:

I think he nailed it.

And before you think this was a miserably tough photo shoot, let me turn that thought around and send it back to Not-True Land.

We. Had. Fun.

There was singing, dancing, air-guitaring, hi-fiving, and laughing, laughing, laughing.

And, we played Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” because why not.

Now, let me get sappy for a minute and tell you how much I love his little boy.  This was his 8th session with me. That means my heart has grown 8 times bigger just with love for him.

And elbow patches. I love elbow patches.

Raise your hand if you love your photographer!

A lot of changes happen in the first three years. And, I’ve been so honored to have had the privilege to photograph them all.

Can you guess why this next image bittersweetly tugs like heck on my heartstrings?

I love his parents’ idea to bring his newborn wall art to this session.  It was so surreal seeing him stand next to it like a big boy.

So, I must end this blog with a photo that counts as proof that he’s still a LITTLE boy.

Because nothing says Little Boy like chocolate milk in a froggy sippy cup:

And those sweet little hands…

To his parents: Yes, this was the most hectic session of all of his, but as I said, “He’s a 3-year-old boy.”  Even though we were exhausted, we sure did have fun.  Your family is always a blast be around.  I’m sad your precious boy has reached “Graduation Age”, but feel free to bring him for a few shots at any of baby sister’s future sessions.  Because I love him! And, I will continue to love baby sis just as much.  Because of her, you can keep coming back- yay!

She was a little on the shy side, but that didn’t stop her from reaching for me when I first said hello.  Into my arms she went.

She studied my eyes and gently felt my face and my hair.  I swooned straight to the moon.

It doesn’t get better than that.

I couldn’t believe how much she had changed since her newborn session.  Two of her most noticeable changes (and also my favorite changes) were…

1. Her cheeks.  They were packed full of so much squish, I could barely squeeze on them.  It doesn’t get better than big baby cheeks.

2. Her hair.  It was straight when she was a newborn.  In the last six months, it decided to have a party of top of her head.

A party of curls, the very best kind.

It really doesn’t get better.

OMIGOODNESS!  OmigoodnessOmigoodnessOmigoodness.  She’s just glorious.

She brought some cute expressions with her, too.  Exhibit A. (A for adorable.)

And, here’s the expression her mama was hoping for.  You want it?  You got it:

Oh my.  That expression?  There’s nothing better.

And, apparently, her dress was delicious.

But, if I was her… I’d be chewing on these… if you please:

I shall close with one more big, giant, smile.

Straight from the heavens.

Doesn’t get better than this:

To her Mama and Nana: I love your kind words and even more than that, I love to see the LOVE you have for your baby girl. What a lucky baby to be loved so much.  She’s a true beauty and a real joy to photograph. And, Nana, I love how you laugh at my goober-isms so much.  You make me feel like a comedian and I seriously enjoy that!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweet family.  I am thankful for YOU.  Because of people like you, I am able to do what I love. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

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