So darling in the palest pink…



Just like a doll-baby, don’t you think?


With feathery lashes and cheeks of rose…


… and standing on these tiny toes:


She sat so pretty in a chair…


… and posed all cute with teddy bear:


More cuteness than anyone can stand…


…with a little pumpkin in her hand.


Try as you might, you can’t deny…



…the sweetness that’s this Piggy Pie:



To her mama: I love your simple no-backdrop style and all the sweetness that is your baby daughter. She was so loveable and fun to photograph… just a perfectly pretty angel-piggy. I love laughing with you (especially your funny texts!) and I hope you love these previews!  I appreciate your patience while we were away on fall-break vacation… the rest will be finished soon!   Oh and THANK YOU for the wine!   You know the way to my heart. :)


I photograph babies, I love what I do.

How about this face looking back at you?



With gummy grins and giggles galore,

really and truly, I couldn’t ask for more



With a dimple in her chin and eyes that smile,

so much cuteness in one little pile:


And eyelashes I’d like to stare at for a while.


Pretty as a teapot and tiny as a cup,

she has sparkles in her spirit- can we bottle it up?


And when she decided to hold back her grin,


I just couldn’t get over her chinny chin chin…


Yes, this is a baby who shines from within.


I’m already looking forward to the day she comes back,

so I can soak up the happy from this precious Short Stack:



To her mama:  Do you live up on Cloud Nine?  Your baby girl is just bursting with sweet spirit and I think my face still hurts from smiling so much during this session. It was so much fun. I hope you love these as much as I do and the rest will be finished soon!


LOOK.  At this sweet little smackerel of a honey-pot baby:



 That belly!

Folks, that right there, is how she started her session.

I don’t even know how I managed to plow through the excessive cuteness to get my job done.


It took some serious Swoon Control on my part.


And I love when babies prove to me that they come pre-equipped with their teenager expressions.

I call this the “Stop-Embarrassing-Me-Mom” look:


Oh, but how can I even begin to tell you how sweet this baby is?

When I held her, she would snuggle in and cuddle.

I call that Baby Therapy, which is also categorized as Job Perk.


And, how about a smiling smackerel?


Yep.  Goners. We’re all goners.

The world doesn’t stand a chance.


And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she took what I call a Studio Snooze.


And when a 6-month-old takes a Studio Snooze, I call it an Extra Bonus.

Because eye lashes, that’s why:


And knuckle-dimples.  Goodness me, the knuckle dimples.

Who doesn’t love a little smackerel of a honey-pot baby?


Not loving her?  I call that Impossible.

To her mommy: I may have said this a million times already, but I adore you!  You are the most precious person ever and I enjoyed every minute of photographing your beautiful little smackeral of a baby… she is so much fun to hold- thank you for letting me get all those snuggles in. I hope you like these- I LOVE how much you cherish this entire process… because I do, too.  I’ll have the rest finished soon!

The beautiful bench in the first image is from Wilshire Collections, located inside Fireflies… the shop below my studio!  


Here’s my niece and nephew, ages 1 and 3…

who are way, way, WAY …too far away from me:


*I need a moment*

I can’t cry tonight, y’all.

I don’t have time to be sniffing and snorting and snotting all over the place.  (Plus, we’re out of tissues. And toilet paper. (!!!) )


There’s some kind of wire that runs between my head and my heart… and when things get too close to the feels, my brain just says, “Good luck with this one, I’m outta here.”  

So, the writing is going to be all over the place.


Because how can anyone say goodbye to THIS adorable face?!


And this one…


My sister is currently living in Cuba with her precious and dear-to-my-heart family.

Recently, I was SO fortunate to be able to go visit them and love on these babies.


ALERT, ALERT!  Previous photo is causing  photographer to lose control of her feels. So, we interrupt this blog to allow her to change the direction of her melancholy thoughts.  

One quick PHOTOGRAPHY TIP FOR EVERYONE should remedy the current lump-in-throat.  

Okay then.

TIP:  To get little ones to beam gleefully while looking out the window of lovely light, simply put their mommy outside.

They will love the surprise…




And now mommy will never forget the pure joy that was shining back at her:


Did you notice the little baby fuzz on her nose?!  Too much cute.

I was so happy to visit them.

I cherished every moment of peek-a-boo…


Aunt Keri’s gonna get you!


And hugs to last the whole year through.


It puts a big old OWIE in the center of my heart…

because me and these babies… we’re too far apart.


Feel ALL the feels!!  

There’s no crying in base-BLOG!  (and there’s also no soft paper products on the premises.)

There. I’m okay.


To my far-away family:  I loved crashing with you for all those days and experiencing that crazy island you call home.  But, nothing meant more to me than the time we were able to spend together and it goes without saying… I love you all so much.  Hug the babies for me and tell all those crazy iguanas I said “Wassup.”

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