Are you standing?

Sit down.

Does your chair have a seat belt?

Buckle up.

Because the cuteness you’re about to feast your eyes upon is sure to knock you onto the floor.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Are you OK?

The cuteness was… to the extreme.

If you’re still seated, remain buckled.

If you got knocked to the floor from cuteness overload… stay there.

Because the photos of this boy are like salty chips.  You can’t have just one.


And, sharing is caring.

So, here- have some more!



Really and truly, his photo session was a home-run.

This sweet boy knocked it out of the park.

He was the happiest baby in the history of babies.


Hello, down there… you little pile of way-too-cute:


Those little teeth!

Very expressive, too.


And, in case you’re wondering… YES. He was still just as cute when he was not smiling.  Although, it is a rare sight to see.



That dimple chin.

And he continues to work hard on growing world-record-breaking lashes.


Whoever said “Nobody’s perfect” clearly hasn’t met this child.


To his parents:  You should sell tickets just for people to come and feast their eyes upon the extreme cuteness that is your son.   I can help with crowd control. I’m already looking forward to his next session. I hope you love these as much as I do!

Sweet baby boy,  full of coo.

With big brown eyes…




… and little toes, too.


It’s amazing how much babies can change from newborn to 3 months.

And, at this age, they love to be propped up so they can have a great view of the room.


Also at the age, we must turn him around to marvel at the gloriousness that is… Baby Pattern Baldness:


Ah, the baby bald spot. It will fill in without notice and that’s when you’ll realize how much you miss it.

I adore!  I adore!

Then, I stop and adore some more.



He was a happy chap.  He told me lots of stories in baby talk.

And, he tummy timed like a boss.



I love him!!

Sweet sister has been coming to my studio since she was a newborn.  While getting ready for her turn, she exclaimed, “I’m so excited!”

She’s had my heart since day 1.


My camera continues to love her.

And, how old is she now?


Three!  And as sweet as can be.

To their parents: I really and truly adore your sweet family so much!  I’m over-the-moon excited to have your boy growing up in front of my camera now.  And, if he keeps getting tips from his expert big sister, we’re in for some amazing photos this year.  How sweet and handsome he is.  I hope you love this preview- the rest will be finished super soon!


How much cuteness can you cram into a tiny 2-year old?

Apparently… OHHH, about a ton.


Well, maybe more like ten tons.  Ten tons of cuteness.


I know what you’re thinking.

But, I promise you, that’s a REAL child.  I saw her moving and talking and laughing and blinking.

Here’s a side view of Miss Two:


Those cheeeeks!

While shooting, I almost forgot she was 2 because she certainly didn’t act her age.  She was way too well behaved to be two.

And I was full of gratefulness over the abundance of two-year-old playfulness.


She loved this little wand.  My MAGIC wand.

It may look like an ordinary piece of cheap plastic… but, it actually has the power to make me go berserk.  (These wands only work for toddlers, so don’t even try it, y’all.)


And I didn’t go just a little berserk.  I went a lotta berserk.


But, don’t you see? The real magic was the pure joy all over her sweet face.

And, while we’re on the subject of sweet faces…  have a look at big brother.  I nominate him for the next Kid President.


I asked him a question and his expression was full of careful thought.

And while we’re talking about expressions… there’s NO way I’m leaving this one out:


Miss Two…look at you!

Raise your hand if you love your photographer!


To their mama: I always love your sessions, sweet friend!  You have a lot to be proud of with these two smart and beautiful children of yours. I hope you love all your photos as much as I do!

For real… he’s Mr. Sweetness.

I mean, look:


That photo is so overloaded with cute, I’m not sure we can even scroll down yet.

Just give it a minute.  The swoons need to settle down.

Ah, but the blog must go on.

Plus, I really want to show you this next image…which is just SO very little boy:


And let me tell you about this little boy.

The last time I photographed him, he was a shy little 2-year-old who didn’t make a single sound the entire time.

Then, we all blinked and year went by.  Justlikethat.

This time, he came into my studio full of spunk and confidence. One year makes a big difference for a little boy.


He still had his big brown puppy eyes and perfectly puffy lips.


But this time, he had lots of words coming out of them.

Words that mostly had to do with Thomas the Train.


Oh, this age is so full of cute.

I remember his mama being over-the-moon happy when he did this:


Because that was a very “him” thing to do… now she will never forget it.  (I have a tiny car sticker on my floor so the little ones know where to stand. Works like a charm.)

Mr. Sweetness, how old are you now?


If that’s not the sweetest thing.  Holding up 3 fingers is tricky. This picture helps us grown-ups remember that.

Mr. Sweetness, please stand behind a big chair so we can see that you are still little.


Ah, perfect.  And sweet.

Perfectly sweet, indeed.

To his mama: I can’t believe your baby boy is graduating from my studio!  How did the years go by so fast!?  Please know that I have enjoyed every single second of every single session through the years with your two precious children. You have a lot to be proud of. I am sure am thankful to have had them in front of my camera and to have gotten to know the sweetie that is YOU, too.  I hope you love these- the rest will be finished in a matter of minutes!

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