Where there’s soft peachy petals and a plethora of pretty,

come along for a tour of Sweetness City:

Baby_Photo-01where lashes like this are no surprise…


…like rosebud lips and chocolate eyes:


See this sweet chubby hand and string of pearl…


there’s nothing like the face of a doll-like girl:


You’ll also notice in this city so sweet…


that a birthday girl gets a special treat:


Here, it’s just fine to have a messy face…


Sweetness and sugar all over the place!


I love her!!

To her mama: You are the queen of being prepared and remaining cool as a cucumber amidst crazy going-ons.  Your baby girl didn’t have a ton of smiles, but you sure did!  You all made my day with such a fun photo session and you brought such cute things! I hope you like these previews and the rest will be finished soon!


Nine pounds, ten ounces of newborn baby goodness.

His namesake, his great-grandfather, plays this harmonica… I love when special things are incorporated into photos… especially musical instruments.  I photographed his big sister on a family guitar.

This was my first harmonica.


Combined with a couple of my favorite special things about newborns, peely skin and belly-button “plug”, I couldn’t love it more.


He loooooved lounging on this little bench.  A special thing I picked up at an antique mall with him in mind…


He gave me special smile of approval:


Quite possibly my favorite angle when photographing newborns… Can’t you just smell the babyness?


So precious in his special monogrammed bloomers from his Auntie…


Newborn yawns are always a special thing:


Another special thing: His daddy is a hockey player, so his mama brought this adorable outfit and baby’s first hockey stick…


So many special things about a newborn.

So many special things to incorporate.

But the most special thing is the boy, himself.


I love him!!

To his mommy and nana… It was so great to see you both again and photographing another baby of yours was such an honor for me. He was so fun to hold and snuggle! He is such a handsome and well-behaved baby boy and I hope you love these previews- the rest will be finished soon!


Sleeping atop a suitcase of blue…


perfect little baby so fresh and so new…


with hair so amazing, it deserves a side view…


Sweet baby showed me his dimple-faced grin…


and a close-up of his impeccable skin…


He even comes with a bonus- a dimple on his chin!


He has way too much cuteness to ever grow out of…


in the boots that his mommy bought him with love…


Sweet baby boy, you’re a gift from above:


He was perfect…  his entire session was 2 hours and that’s WITH a nearly one-hour nursing break.  So, he only had to model for one hour because he was absolutely perfect at it.

I love him!

To his mama: I was blown away by how relaxed and natural you were with this brand-new journey of motherhood.  It looks beautiful on you! To his Auntie and Granna: So glad you two were there, too… it’s easy to see how loved this baby boy is already! I hope you all like these previews- I’ll have the rest finished by weekend’s end!


This is the cutest head of hair I’ve ever seen on a 9-month old.


Paired with her rosy chubber cheeks… I kinda went nuts when she was brought into the room.

Just look at this FACE!


And to top it all off, she had a personality so big, it could barely fit in the room.

She was so. Much. Fun. To photograph.

She loved to squeal and repeat the noises I would make.


Consider these photos proof: She will one day be the life of the party.

She will be everybody’s friend…


she will be the Fun Friend.


And she was every bit as sweet as she was fun:




Even when she gave her smiles a short break… she was still cuter than words can say.

The picture can do the talking…

Baby_Girl_07Those eyes!  That face. I can’t even.


And, don’t let her long hair and advanced personality fool you… this doll is still a baby.




A baby who can light up the room!

My new Fun Friend:


When I was saying goodbye when they were leaving, she reached for me to hold her. *harp music*

And then my favorite thing happened… she settled in for a nice long cuddle.  If she wanted to take my heart with her when she left, she knew just how to do it.

I love you, too, sweet girl!

To her parents: It was so great to meet you!  I can tell you’re great parents and you have a lot to be proud of with your beautiful and fun little bundle of a girl. Thanks so much for bringing her into my studio. I hope you like these… soon you’ll receive the email with the password to your gallery!

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