It happens so fast.  A newborn…

…grows into a baby like this:

When he came into my studio, I smiled so big, it made the back of my head hurt.

That means my smile reached around that far.  Or, at least the muscles did.  Something like that.

Who will do that to a person?  A baby like this:

And, what kind of baby has an unreal level of cute?  I’m glad you asked.

A baby like this:

What makes your heart melt into immediate liquid form?  When you put a hat on… a baby like this:

And who has sweet, wispy hair and lashes so dark and thick?  A baby like this:

If you were to draw a cartoon of the perfect baby boy… I’m certain you’d draw… a baby like this:

And, if you like to squeeze baby cheeks… you’d love to squeeze them (and I know this from experience)… on a baby like this:

I love my job.

Because I get to photograph and love on… BABIES. LIKE. THIS.

Goodness ME!  I really don’t know how I can stand it sometimes.

To his mama: It was soooo great to see fabulous you again!  You threw nice words at me like your baby threw smiles… and this photo session was such a wonderful time. Your baby boy is growing into the sweetest and most handsome little man.  I hope you like your previews- the rest will be finished soon!

Seriously, people.

How cute can one brown-eyed baby girl get?

I mean…seriously, what a face.

Speaking of seriously… this baby girl was very serious.

Serious business, right here.   Her smiles were hiding out somewhere while baby girl was busy being… serious.

But, seriously… smiles aren’t necessary when you have a beautiful face like this:

And even though she was serious business most of the time… she did let a few small smiles escape.

And she seriously an expert walker.  A brand-new one-year-old and she didn’t stumble once.  She would glide all over the room… and fast!

So, it seriously took a lot of work to keep her in one spot, but it was worth it.

Seriously. See?

(Ok. I have to stop saying “seriously” because I’m starting to annoy myself.) So, no more of that.

How about a new word.  SQUOOSH.  I did it first and it was fun. So, then I asked her mama to do it:

Big sister Strawberry Pie, came along, too.  It wasn’t too long ago, I was photographing her as a baby.

There’s nothing like red, red ringlets!

She was so proud to show me her big-sister sweetness…

Aaa! Seriously (<– last one)… so cute.

To their parents: As always, it was great spending time with your precious family.  You sure did wear yourself out, mama, as we did everything we could to keep baby in one area.  Thanks for your hard work and determination. She made us work, but we won in the end.  Y’all are great- seriously.  (<– woops).

Endless smiles, and little arms that would flap so much, I was ready to see her levitate.  A little bit of flappy and a whole lotta happy.

I think I love you, Flappy Bird:

And did you see what I saw?  Yup. Eyes that smile. Smiley eyes…smeyes!  I go nuts over babies with smiley eyes.

When she would get those arms a-flappin’, it was equal parts happy and flappy.  It was so fun to watch.

And, this next image is proof that WE were fun to watch, too:

I have to take a moment to mention her glorious eyebrows and rosy cheeks.  Because those always need mentioning.

Just like busy baby fingers…

… and my very favorite: dark-dark eyelashes for miles.  Check, check, check… perfection.

Yes, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Until she throws this kind of happiness at you:

Did you smile back?  Flappy Bird, I do love you.

To her Mama: What a sweetie pie you are.  Throwing nice words at me like confetti.  I adore you to pieces. And Sue… I adore you, too.  You and that warm smile that never left your face.  And to Daddy- You had me at “This white dress will have a ton of different backdrop options”. Ha!  What a wonderful family you all are.  So nice to meet you all!  I hope you like your preview- I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

I don’t know about you, but I just love a tiny little 2-year-old tot.  Especially one like this:

With his big baby browns and his perfect baby mouth… he brought his baby face to this session. And I was fine with that.

See, that’s the thing about 2-year-olds. Oftentimes, they still have baby faces.  And that’s just precious.

And that adorable baby-cheek peach fuzz breaks the Precious Meter.

They also have a precious way of playing.

And when you’re two, you can certainly look precious doing this:

Yeah, he’s definitely two… and he’s definitely precious.  He’s Two Precious.

And when you’re Two Precious… your older sister makes you laugh like this:

…because she’s silly like this:

You’ll see more of this silly girl after her session coming up in April.

But the funniest thing when you’re Two Precious?  When your mama talks about your “stinky feet”.

How precious.

To his mama: What a great mama you are. I sure do love talking with you about our babies and how much we love them. Even though we can’t put it into words.  ;)   To his daddy and “big” sister (who is still so teeny) it was so great to see you, too! I love your whole family so much!

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