There’s a mega-cool breakfast place in Denver, Colorado called Snooze.  (I wish we had one in Tennessee). There’s also a mega-cool button on my alarm clock called Snooze.  (My favorite button in the whole world of buttons. Snooze-abilities are a very important part of a healthy breakfast.)

So, I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves to start their day with any kind of good snooze.  And that’s just what this baby girl was.  A Good Snooze.

I know what you are assuming and you are correct, my dear. This baby snoozed her way through the entire session.

She put the “Z” in snooze.

And, she was such a good girl.  We did lots of different set-ups and her session only lasted just under 2 hours.

That puts the “Z” in wowza.

As soon as her mama placed that tiara on her pretty head, she smiled.  A true princess.

Just six pounds of princess and she was already amazing at modeling.

Yes, she put that “Z” in amazing.  You know it.

I love how this next image shows the angle of her face and that precious little chinny chin chin.

Swoon.  Snooze.  Swooze!

You know what else I love?  Photographing newborns with family instruments.  Her daddy plays the keyboard.

She was very comfortable on those keys…

I predict she’ll have blonde hair… with a little bit of wave, if not full-on curls, when she gets a little older.

I also predict she’ll play the keyboard. Just a hunch.

She’ll put the “Z” in skillz.

She also put the “oo” in swoon.  I swooned to the moon.

What a smile!  And that angel kiss on her back… so sweet.  Definite swoonage to the moonage.

And then, there’s this:

To her parents: It was so wonderful to meet you both.  Proud mama: What a beautiful person you are, inside and out.  So great with your gorgeous baby girl and so great to be around.  Your excitement is infectious. Proud Dad: Mister Daughter Whisperer, your photographer-assistance skills were top notch.  Did you practice before the session?  Nah, I think you were born with it. It was easy to see how much you both love your little Snoozer.  I love her, too. I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon.

Clients and fellow blog readers, I love you.  I’m going to let my blog take a little snooze for a week so I can recharge and enjoy some family time.  The only way for me to truly recharge is to plug myself into the ocean.  I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have the soul of a sailor.  (Me and Kenny Chesney… we are on the same page.)  It won’t be hard coming back home, though, because I have some super sweet baby girls to work on when I return.  Until then,  love on your babies for me!

At only five pounds, she was as light as a breeze.

A breeze is lovely.  A breeze is delightful.

A breeze was this baby:

Her full newborn session only lasted an hour.

So, yes- She was a breeze to photograph.  A beautiful breeze:

My, what a perfect face. See the tiny, new-baby fuzz on her cheeks?   Swoon me to the moon!

I adored photographing this wondrous breeze of a baby.  She slept like an angel and she was so easy to work with.  I could practically see a little halo floating over her preciously tiny head.

And, let’s not forget about these…

Now, let’s get a closer look at that newborn cheek fuzz… and those paper-thin newborn fingernails that I love so much…

Pretty little angel breeze…

Oh, but I must get closer again… because there’s no way I’m going to let you miss out on these incredible blonde-dipped lashes…

And more cheek fuzz.  And the blondest newborn eyebrows this side of the Mississippi.  Significant swoonage.

She was heaven to hold and it was hard for me to put her down.

And, as much as I love her, there’s a couple of people that love her even more…

To her mama:  You, my friend, are holding back a major secret that women all over the nation want in on. I’m guessing you just missed the memo about how new mamas are supposed to look sleep-deprived and like they just had a baby. Go you!   Now, stop being so sweet so we can all hate on you. ;)  To the proud daddy: You were a champion in that stuffy room and I love that you got involved with the choices.  You two are great at this parenting thing, you know that?  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

“Let her sleep. For when she wakes, she will move mountains.”  Ain’t that the truth!?!  If you know this baby, you’re laughing with me right now.  Because I firmly believe that if she put her mind to it, she could actually move a mountain. Or at least a coffee table or something.

For being so new, she was super strong.  Lifting her head all the way up, and rolling over, little arms constantly in motion…. At one point, I said to her mama, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she just stood up right now”.

I know what you’re thinking. These photos are telling you a different story.   Just hang on. We’ll get to the awake shots.  For now, look what happens when she sleeps…

What happens is…


Good news: She loved to be cuddled. (Score! I happen to love to do the cuddling.)  Even after I put her down, she would like me to put my face right against hers and it settled her down nicely.

Yes, she was perfectly content with me inhaling her newborn-ness.  (It was such good therapy, I didn’t even have to walk to my car when the session was over. I floated to it.)

So, let’s see that beautiful awake face now, shall we?   It’s as perfect as…


Omigoodness!  Awake newborn faces are so completely different than sleeping ones and bring the cuteness to a whole new level.

And, if they love you, they may even give you a social smile.  Like this:

Raise your hand if you love your photographer! I wasn’t ready for her to raise it so high.  (After all, we just met.)

And, of course, when newborns are awake, there’s also the possibility that they’ll do …. THIS:

I’m going to say she was being a camera ham.  She’s totally posing that arm behind her head and everything.

And, when newborns are awake, their hands might do this:

Hello, wittle bewy button!

And if you’re really lucky…. awake newborn feet will do THIS:

But, sleeping is just as good because you can photograph some perfect stillness.

Like this:

What’s the sweetest thing on this glorious Earth?  New babies.

Beautiful new… happy new… babies. Like. This.

To her mama: I was so happy to meet you and I love your story so much.  It was amazing seeing you be a mama to your new daughter and so so obvious why God chose you for the job. I love that you looked across the room at your sweet baby and got tears in your eyes.  (I never let anyone cry alone, which is why I joined in.)  And to her Nana, I loved meeting you, too!  The love you have for your new grandbaby was lovely to witness.  I was so happy to photograph her and thanks for letting me cuddle her so much. I’m already looking forward to her six month session. I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Someone had hiccups. Squeaky ones.  Squeaky hiccups.

Meet Squeakups:

She is on a beautiful quilt  that was lovingly hand-stitched by her great-great grandmother.  It was made for her daddy when he was a baby and we photographed her big sister on it when she was a newborn, too.  I love family heirlooms.  Especially beautiful ones like this… paired with beautiful babies like this:

Miss Squeakups liked for me to cuddle her and I had noooo problem with that.  (It’s how I get my baby fix and I love it, love it, love it.)

She looks just like her mama, which is only fair considering her big sister looks just like their daddy.  Pretty little mama’s girl.

What’s that you say?  Newborn toes?  Yes, I photographed those:

Three years ago, I photographed her big sister on their daddy’s guitar.

I was happy to do it again with their newest love.   And she OWNED it.

**Photographers, please note: This is a composite. Her daddy’s hands were inches away from her. Never try to balance a newborn on a guitar. Baby safety trumps everything.**

I’m thinking she’s going to be a musician.  She looks good with a guitar.

Surprisingly, she was more comfortable on this guitar than on the beanbag and special quilt.  She could have slept on it for days.

And, with this guitar cane an added bonus.  When I was doing the other shots, her daddy put this guitar to extra use and played music so nice, I turned my speakers down.  Mumford and Sons!  Woot.

To her parents: First of all, I was so excited to work with you again. How wonderful to see how your family has grown.  Two precious little girls. One looks like daddy, the other looks like mommy. So perfect. I love your cucumber-cool attitudes, too. To her Nana: You know I adore you and your kind heart. Thank you so much for entertaining big sister during the session. We were so lucky to have your help!  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

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