This handsome little chap was born early and was a tiny little chill pill for his newborn session.


A 5 pounds, he was light… but his sleep was nice and heavy:


Despite his tininess, I wanted to show that he still had a divine amount of squish to his cheeks:


With his champion sleep-abilities, this session was a quick one:


A “photographer thing” to love about newborns?  Shiny little feet bottoms:


And how I love this next one, let me count the ways:

1. Belly button of cuteness

2. Relaxed fingers

3. Flexed toes

4. Perfect little newborn nose


My love for newborn toes is something everyone knows:


And who doesn’t love a burrito-ed baby?


And to show his smallness, here he is with his mommy’s hands:


I love him!

To his mama: It was so great to see you again and photograph your newest little love. What a handsome and well-behaved bundle of a boy!  He is so lucky to be born to such a loving mama… and I am lucky to be his photographer.  Happy Independence Day everyone!


I was so excited to photograph this sweet boy again!

I couldn’t believe how thick his hair had gotten.. and his eyelashes, too!


I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to use these eyes as weapons.

Really. No one stands a chance.


He was very well-behaved.


He must not have gotten the memo that 2-year-old boys are expected to be rowdy and mostly uncooperative.

Instead, he was a perfect gentleboy.


He has always been a champ in front of the camera, so I wasn’t too surprised.


We played his favorite song, “Baby Shark”.   (If you haven’t heard it, look it up on Spotify. Then, thank me at 2 am when you can’t get it out of your head.) 

Smiles like this are worth it.Toddlers_06

And he joined me in my goofiness which is always appreciated:


My favorite thing about him is how he would hold his hands together behind his back.

Combined with his eyelashes and toddler neck-meat…this photo is TOO PRECIOUS!


Too precious, just like this boy.

Or should I say, TWO precious…


I love him!

To his mama: So glad to have your boy in front of my camera again!  I am always blown away by his amazing behavior. I’m so excited to be photographing your newest love in a few months! I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished really REALLY soon!


Toddlers can be a bit shy and uncertain at the start of a photo session.

They may give me this look like, “What do you want from me, lady”…


But, then she remembers that “this lady” is her goober of a photographer.


And I’m not just going to take pictures of her… we’re really having all kinds of fun…


And I’ll go nuts over her curls and cute little chin dimple…


And when I discover what her favorite song is, you bet I’ll find it and play it for her.

Deep Cries Out by Bethel Music  Kids… it brought out the best in her and it was so fun to witness:


Especially when it was time for the chorus:

Deep cries out to deep cries out to
Deep cries out to deep cries out to
So we cry out to, we cry out to, You Jesus


And when the song mentioned jumping in the river… she showed us just how to do it:


I love how spirituality and music can liven up souls of all ages…


She shines so bright from within… and no one can take that away from her.


I love her!

To her parents: Thanks so much for bringing your beautiful girl back into my studio!  Her joy was contagious! It was so much fun hanging out with you all and I’m looking very forward to photographing your newest bundle soon!!  I hope you love these previews- the rest will be finished shortly!


This baby’s the apple of everyone’s eye,

Her mom calls her Poodle; I call her Poodle-Pie:


And let me assure you, this baby is real,
she just has a certain doll-like appeal:


See my favorite expression on this baby’s face,

and the wispy-est hair all over the place:


9 months is a glorious age, I admit,

she can’t crawl away, but she CAN solo sit!


Sitting up pretty and smiling so sweet,

with a mouth still absent of tiny white teeth


And, around every corner is a new surprise…


…to see with these big and beautiful eyes:


She’ll steal your heart, this sweet-faced bandit…


looking so cute in her hat, I can’t STAND IT!


I love her!

Sweet baby had extra smiles for Savanna, my apprentice.  She didn’t want her to leave the room! So sweet!

To her mama:  Your baby girl gets her sun-shininess (is that how it’s spelled?) from you!  She is definitely your Mini-Me and so so precious. And I think she has a beach-girl’s heart like us. :) We loved every second of your session. I hope you like your previews- you know the drill from here!

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