Look at this face and try not to swoon straight to the moon.


Hello, dimple!

This boy! I consider him one of my mascots.  Aside from everyone being in love with one of his photos in my waiting room, he is one of my most-pinned babies on Pinterest.  That’s something to smile about.


I can’t believe he has reached the bittersweet age of 3 now.  I call it “Graduation Age” because I photograph little ones up to age this age.  I originally planned to shoot up to age 1, but I have way too big of a heart for toddlers.

I love how you don’t have to tell a 3-year-old to ‘just be yourself’. They are natural champs at it.  Especially this boy:


Just be your wonderful and cute little self while playing like toddlers do.  Easy.  Give a little boy something that rolls and he will entertain himself just fine. And look cute doing it.


And now the reason for my blog title:


This kid loves his Minion.  “Deee doe, deee doe, deee doe…”  He deee-doed for about 5 minutes straight.  So cute!

And, speaking of cute…at one point, he said to his daddy, “Hey, Mr. Cow?”  He replied, “Yes, little Piggy?”

But, let it be known. All his cuteness is balanced with equal coolness.


Want to know a tell-tale sign of a cool dude?  When you ask him how old he is and this is how he answers you:


Who said all 3 fingers had to be held up on one hand?

So, yes. He’s a big Keri Kay Photography graduating 3-year-old.

BUT- As always, he still got his favorite blanket into some of the pictures.

I consider that proof that he’s still little.  And, we’ll take whatever proof we can get. Right mamas?


Sweet, dimple-faced brown-eyed boy… I’m going to miss you coming into my studio. (I won’t cry. Iwon’tcryIwon’tcryIwon’tcry).  Now, slow down on the growin’.

To his mama:  You know I adore you and your laid-back, cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor.  Thank you so much for bringing your sweet boy into my studio so many times over the last 3 years.  He has been nothing short of an absolute joy to photograph. To Mr. Cow- I mean, his daddy: So glad you were in town for this session!  Now I know exactly what Creed will look like with a beard! I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2015 just barged in without knocking.  You know how those last few grains of sand fall extra quickly through the hourglass?  I feel like that happens with the last few months of the year.  They just can’t wait to squeeze on through.

Ah, but I embrace the crazy busy-ness of it all.  The holiday whirlwind can be a great ride.  You just have to buckle up and hold onto your hat. And by “hat” I mean your extra-long and intimidating to-do list.  Wear it like a scarf.

Get stuff done, take a break and love on your family, then get back to getting stuff done.  Which is what I’m doing now.

I’m beginning 2015 with working on the last few sessions from 2014.  And, I am starting with none other than my sweet and squishy niece.  When things got extra busy this season, I had to put her on the back burner (figuratively, of course) while I met my Christmas deadlines.  She is now five (gasp) months old. (How quickly that happened!)  I shot the following photos when she was about 3 and a half months old.

Without further ado, check out my cutie-poo:


She’s my niece. So I have automatic extra tons of love for her.

And her silly expressions:


With her pretty eyes, she’s always just a-lookin’.  Just a-lookin’ all around.


And, sometimes she busy doing baby things:


To a baby, a dress is more than just pretty. It’s delicious.

Speaking of delicious… Could you please pass the rolls?!



And I can’t (I just can’t) start the year off without an eyelash shot.


She looks just like my brother, with is incredible and hilarious all at the same time.

Incredible because I didn’t think my brother stood a chance of having a kid look like him after having a firstborn who looks 100% like his mama.

Hilarious because when I look at my baby niece, I sometimes see my brother looking back at me.  In a flower headband.


Now, if only I could get my brother to make this face:


The cuteness!  I can’t stand it. I can’t even.

I think her cheeks are packed with precious.  I’m glad she has no problem letting me kiss all over them.  She loves her auntie.


Happy First New Year, sweet baby girl!


To her parents: Please stop letting her grow so fast.  (Although, I have no problem with her cheeks and thighs getting sqooshier, which is what they seem to be doing by the minute. Yay!  **Squish, Squish**= Stress Relief.  I hope you love your photos as much as I do.  I love you!

Side Note: My brother happens to be the best eye doctor in the history of ever.  Check out Spring Hill Eyecare to see what you’ve been missing!  His office is located directly across the street from my studio on Main Street.  You’ll love his amazing staff, too.

Kitty | Spring Hill, TN Newborn Photography

Posted on December 20, 2014

Her mama wanted to name her Kitty and her daddy said no.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t dress her up like one.

I can honestly say… this is the cutest kitty in the world right here:


And the only kind that doesn’t make me sneeze!

Well, I take that back. Her fluffy kitty friend didn’t make me sneeze either:


Such a pretty baby with cheeks packed full of precious:


She loved to stretch out her long limbs.  She wasn’t game for having her legs tucked under her. Nope.  Stretching was her thing.

(I don’t know much about kitties, but don’t they like to stretch?)

And I have heard that kitties do this:


A kitty loves to relax, right?


I wonder if her mama knew that her cheeks were going to match the blanket from her nursery…


And, you can never go wrong with a photo to match everything:


Well, hello little awake face.  You sure are lovely:


Big brother was so over-the-moon in love with his baby sister… He was a natural. And, it was so sweet to witness.


I could almost get emotional over these sibling shots, so I can only imagine what they do to their mama’s heart.


To their mama: I really enjoyed photographing the baby girl who is as sweet and beautiful as you.  She was a fantastic model and you made for a wonderful assistant.  Thanks for letting me cuddle your sweet baby- the only Kitty who doesn’t make me sneeze.  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished tonight!


When one leg hangs down, the baby is not just relaxing… he’s full-on lounging.

Lounging in some cute pants.

Mr. McLoungy Pants:


And, there’s nothing quite like lounging on a wooden crate, amiright?

He makes it look delightful.


And, did you notice?  Did you notice, did you notice, did you notice… his fuzzy shoulders?!


Oh my mighty goodness.

I love newborn fuzz.  It’s like the pre-feather fluffiness of a baby chick.  There’s just so much newness about it.

Newness like newborn nose dots and delicate lashes…


What a beautiful newborn boy… just perfect.

Mr. McLoungy all wrapped up aroundy:


What a face…  And I love. The hair.


I refrain from mentioning baby’s names on my blog, so I’m sorry to tease you like this… but let me just say… this baby has the name of a future athlete.  He just has a name that will roll off a sports announcer’s tongue like liquid … and the words dripped out will be all touchdowns or slam dunks.

Until then, he shall lounge and dream.


Yes, these feet are going to go places.


Tissue-paper toe nails and little white peelies… these newborn things get me right in the feelies.

I’m proud to say that he even lounged when he was awake.  Check him out:


Love him!!!

His big sisters loved lounging with McLoungy Pants.

And even more than that?  They loved loving on him:


To their mama: I still can’t believe you have a boy!  (And I still can’t believe you carried him because you certainly didn’t look like you just had a baby!)  I loved talking with you and catching up with you and of course- all the newborn snuggles. I was very impressed with the girls’ good behavior and I really and truly want to keep that middle child. She’s a trip! (Since I’m a middle child too, we understand each other.)  You sure do have a lot to be proud of.  I hope you like these… the rest will be finished very soon!

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