Girlies and gentleboys… it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you…

the baby girl who got 2016 off to a phototastic start… Miss Grins-a-Lot:


This vintage dolly crib was one of my most favorite prop purchases in the history of my photographic life… and after several months of waiting for the perfect moment to use it…

that moment arrived… right along with the first session of the year.  And a baby so dear:


And her fluff-filled friends were the perfect crib companions. (And NO ONE blinked!)


And you don’t need my words to tell you this… Miss Grins-a-Lot was made for the camera.

Baby girl… Being so adorable isn’t fair to the bear:


How to look at the camera, this baby girl KNOWS:


Just like each of her tiny toes:


We cracked up because as soon as I focused on her toes, she flexed them suckers!

And look at this Resting Cute Face:


And just like any camera-ready baby… she knows how to pose.

Right down to pointing them toes:


Goodness my gracious.  2016, I love you already.



Just like I love this baby girl.

To her mama: Sweet friend!!  As expected, your baby girl was an incredible model. And, as expected, I loved our countless laughs. It’s always a great time with you and I hope you love this preview.. the rest will be finished soon! Love you!


Here is a baby aged only one week,


and with each little hiccup came the tiniest squeak:


Sleeping so sweetly with flowers and lace…


A brand-new baby on an old suitcase:


And now on her daddy’s baby blanket she lay,


Showing us how awake newborns play:


With the most glorious hair my camera has seen,


on this, the last newborn of 2015:


And what better way to end to a successful year,

than by capturing a newborn’s fuzzy wittle ear:



I love her!

To her parents: What wonderful parents you already are… it was a truly beautiful thing to witness.  Thank you so much for bringing your sweet girl into my studio- I enjoyed every bit of your baby’s first photo session and looking forward to many more as she grows throughout this first year!  I hope you like these. More to come soon!


With bright eyes of blue and fingers to chew,


and ten loads of cuteness while looking at you…


She has all the makings of a sweet Doodle-Boo.


Perfect little toes all wrapped up and stacked,


and rock-star hair with a party in the back:


With drool-glossed lips and big, curious peepers,


She even proved to be the bestest of sleepers:


And now a close-up shot to make her mama’s heart ache,


And Doodle was happy when she first came awake:



And in case you’re wondering how she caught all them Z’s…
Just a blanket, her paci, and 4 steps- a breeze!



Goodness, I love her!

To her mama: And you, too, my dear… I just love you to pieces.  I appreciate your patience sooo much as we had all the holidays come marching through during this busy season.  I hope this preview is brightening up your new year and I’ll have the rest finished soon!  I’m so glad to be photographing your sweet baby girl every few months as she grows.  She is such a gift to all who know her!


I may have used this blog title for her before (or something similar) because my nickname for her is so fitting.

She really is a little Honey Pot.

Put your seat belts on, because I’m starting out with a photo to break the cuteness meter:


She is every bit as sweet as she looks, my friends.   If you’re lucky enough to know this baby personally, you know exactly what I mean.

She. Lights UP. The room.


And not only is she so lovable, she is also a camera champ.

She knows just how to look into the lens.


Silly-cute faces?  Check:


Adorable baby hobbies?  Check:


She’s even photogenic while chewing on this cute bunny that matches her dress and headband… all lovingly made for her by her by a friend:


Now. Please take a deep breath and sit down if you’re standing.

Because she decided to do something epic in this next photo.

You can’t ask a 9-month-old baby to do this.

The stars have to align just right and you need a camera-champ honey-pot baby to decide to do it.

And, I’m so glad I was ready:



Great skills, Honey Pot! 

If you frequent my blog, you know that eyelashes are always a photographic treat.

But, combine them with fuzzy-cute eyebrows… and you have a cherry on top:


And I say it all the time, but you can never go wrong with a baby and a blanket.

So classic… so cuddly.


I love her!   And I love that she cuddles me back when I hold her!

To her mama: I just adore you and your sweet baby all the way to the moon and back!   Your excitement is always so infectious, it makes this job even MORE fun for me than it already is. I hope you love these and the rest will be finished next year!  (I had to say it, ha!)  Happy New Year everyone and if you’re reading this- I do love you.

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