Posted on July 8, 2017


New and precious baby boy,
sleeping on some wood…


I sure do love your tiny ways,
Put ya in my pocket if I could:


And, oh my goodness- Newborn fuzz!
Adorns your little cheeks…


The perfect kind of baby cheeks,
to squish for weeks and weeks and weeks:


And then there’s daddy’s waders,
he’s a duck-hunter through and through…


And based on the sweet little smirk you gave,
I’d say you’re a duck-hunter too!



You brought a hat to match your deer,
the cutest that I’ve seen…


Then I wrapped you tightly; nice and snug,
a precious baby bean:


Let’s add a splash of color,
a perfect shade of blue…


Fresh and darling, sweet as pie…
baby boy brand-new:


I love him!!

To his parents: It was so nice to meet you!  What wonderful parents you are… experts already.  I loved our conversations and time together in my studio.  And, I enjoyed every second of photographing and loving on your most-perfect bundle of boy.  I hope you love your preview so far. I appreciate your patience as summertime comes with a crazy schedule… I’ll have the rest finished soon!

Posted on June 28, 2017

My, how fast you’ve grown, sweet boy… as tall as tall can be…


With your fingers, show us the years, 1…2…3:


Shy is not a thing you are… you’re 3; you’re lots of fun…


And despite how long they always were, your lashes grew a ton!


Oh how I love this age, let me count the ways…


3 is never sitting still, 3 can play for days:


3 is very silly, with your belly-button surprise…


3 is taking off your shades, show us your beautiful eyes:


Not a newborn anymore, growing way too fast for me…

Don’t rush too fast toward being 4…For now, please just be 3:



I love him!

To his mother: I feel so blessed to have had your first-born grow up in front of my camera since he was a tiny newborn. I can’t believe he has reached “graduation age” from my studio already! Such a bittersweet photo session!  I feel doubly blessed to be photographing your most-recent born and the best thing of all is the lifelong friend I have made in you… just because you brought your boys into my studio.  And, I can’t forget Poppa!  How great of him to come with you and add an extra dose of fun to this special session. I love your family and I hope you love your preview… you know the drill from here!

Posted on June 23, 2017

Precious in pink, sweet little soul…

NewbornGirl_01I love how this angle shows each little roll:


Plump little cheeks, so much to love…


looking so tiny from this view up above:


So tiny right now, she’ll grow in a flash…


for now, we shall stare at each very long lash:


When nap time is over for baby brand-new…


It’s so super cute to see TOES awake, too!



She slept like an angel, a photographer’s treat…
so much to love… soul so sweet:



I love her!!

To her parents: Thanks so much for giving me the honor of photographing your newest, most-beautiful bundle!   I still can’t believe you have a GIRL. She was a dream to photograph… maybe she knew my voice from talking to the belly a few times? Goodness, she’s perfect. I hope you like your preview so far- I’ll have the rest finished soon!

Posted on June 19, 2017

Baby boy with light blonde hair,

sweetly sits with teddy bear:

Keep it simple, one two three…


Classic photos, sweet as can be:


Simple is perfect, make no mistake…


Now it’s time for birthday cake!


Dig in baby, don’t you stop…


Everyone loves a cookie on top:


Goodness me, I love his smile…


Please stay a baby, for longer than a while:



I love him!!

To his mother: I can’t believe another year has flown by for another of your precious baby boys!  He is beautiful!  Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph all of his important milestones this year.  Each session was so much fun and I have loved seeing him grow in front of my camera every few months. I hope you love your preview so far… I’ll have the rest finished soon!

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