Here we have 9 pounds of precious newborn boy:


He was a bit restless at first. He just wanted to be held and rocked for a bit, which is always PERFECTLY FINE.


Really, I can’t emphasize that enough.  I love Baby Therapy.

I also love awake newborn hands:


But soon he fell into a good and deep sleep:


And he made my heart dance all around the room,

while deep in his sleep, he started to croon.


Newborn singing is the sweetest sound.

Newborn croons = Photographer swoons.


I loooove his cheeks and his soft little ears!

He also mixed it up by adding lots of grunts to his croons.

Clearly, he sang himself into the most relaxing sleep ever:



And, of COURSE he gave me a smirk/wink combo.

How else would he croon me to the moon?


Handsome boy!

I love him!

To his parents: Y’all are great. Thank you so so much for allowing me to love on your newest bundle.  (And big sister, too!)  You have a lot to be proud of with those two precious ones. I wanted to keep them both.  Thanks so much for your patience while I was out-of-town. I hope you love these so far- the rest will be finished soon!

This is a baby who likes to be held.

No big deal though. He just needed some love between takes and I was happy to oblige.

Here he is saying, “Don’t you want to hold me?”


Yep. He’s even cute when he’s mad.

But, he got more comfortable with modeling as the session progressed.

I told him all he had to do was be a baby…


And give me a smile, just maybe just maybe:


Pull up your legs and grab onto your toes,


And tummy time makes for a really cute pose:


Show us your perfect lips and your dark-eyed stare…


and your new trick of making bubbles, making bubbles everywhere!


If you love your photographer, raise your hand…


and let’s end with a smile, more cuteness than I can stand:


I love him!

To his mama: I always love laughing with you. It’s so fun to be in the same room with someone who shares the same sense of humor as me.  I enjoyed every second of this session and I hope you like your previews!  I appreciate your patience while I was out of town. The rest will be finished soon!


Not a day early… and not a day late,

here we have a baby born on his due date:


With a special message curled up in his hand…


and the longest newborn lashes in all the land:


Sleeping so good all curled up in a nest…


and forehead wrinkles are truly the best:


What’s not to love about a baby so new?


Raise your hand if you love me, too:


Aww, I knew it. :) 

Photographing babies makes my heart sing…


just like every little, sweet little… newborn thing:


I love him!

To his parents… it was so great to meet you both and I can see that you are amazing parents already. You sure do have a beautiful baby boy!  To his Say-Say: It was so great to photograph another one of your precious grandbabies.  You fill the room with sunshine, so it is always great to see you! I hope you all love your previews- I’ll have the rest finished soon!

To all of my clients: I will be out-of-town and away from my work until August. I devote a lot of time to my work, but I haven’t gone away with my husband since our honeymoon 11 years ago. Needless to say, we’re overdue! I’m processing print orders today and tomorrow. Orders that come through while I’m gone will be processed when I return.  Emails and phone calls that come through while I’m gone will be returned in the order received.  I appreciate you!


Kids grow too fast, I’m sure you agree…

But there’s so much to love about a child who’s 3:


Full of spunk, but starting off shy…


Big laughs send their face straight up to the sky:


Yes, it’s crazy how fast these three years flew…


But she’s still young enough to have buckles on her shoe:


Proud to hold up number three…


With freckles on her nose, you can barely see:


Cornsilk hair with a little bit of curl…


Everyone loves a happy girl:


I love her!

To her parents: What a sweet, beautiful and well-behaved 3-year-old you have!  She is growing up way too fast, don’t you think? Oh, but I promise you… one day you’ll look at these photos and remember how little she still was.  Thanks so much for bringing her into my studio again. I hope you love these and the rest will be finished soon!  PS to her Dad: I think the internet world needs to know that you won the award for being the first person to “peter-pan” himself through the air and hit his head on the ceiling. Well done my friend!!  I had so much fun with you all!

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