I’m not one to jump to conclusions… but I think this boy was born to be in a saddle.

I mean, obviously he was comfy from day one:


Pretty comfy at AGE one, too.

He’s one.

He’s comfy.

He’s a Comfy One.


And, needless to say… comfortable in front of my camera, too.


Hello little teefies!  (Ps- I see a dimple.)

He was also comfy in this adorable outfit made by his very-talented grandmother:



What a darling little blondie-boy…  Sitting cute and comfy on the floor:


Wow, so handsome.

And, every bit as sweet.


And, just when I thought he couldn’t get any sweeter?

This happened:



And he added a little extra conditioning to his hair…


Comfy as can be, all covered in cake.


And, pretty amused with himself, too.


I would also like to proudly point out that he was every bit as comfy in my arms as he was in front of the camera.   Because I love him and he knows it.  I can’t believe he’s one.

To his mama, my old college roommate and one of my greatest friends: I can’t believe how quickly that year went by. His cuteness is almost too much. Such a good baby and so, so sweet.  I wouldn’t expect any different from your kids.  Thanks so much for making the trip from Georgia- it was so great to catch up!  I love you to the moon- the rest will be finished soon.


Just look at this face.

And try not to fall out of your chair from the max amount of swoonage that is sure to happen:


It’s those eyes.  It’s not your fault.  It happens to the best of us.

Now dust yourself off and get back in your chair… because there’s more where that came from…



There’s no such thing as too much cuteness.  But, sometimes, it’s ALMOST too much.

Exhibit A:


Whoa!  Yeah- pair those beautiful eyes with a cute expression and it’s ALMOST too much for one heart to handle.

Exhibit B:



It was his 4th session with me, so we were already good buddies.


He was so incredible, his full session only lasted 30 minutes.

I can shoot quickly, so the less breaks the babies need, the quicker the session will go. So, even though a full session is scheduled for up to 2 hours, we rarely need that entire length of time.




He was a perfect angel, so the session went perfectly.


I love peeks of new teeths! 

Busy and in big-man clothes… but still a baby.


What a perfect little pile of 9-month-old boy:


The cuteness was almost too much.

To his mama: I love your boy!  His sweet and perfect face combined his mellow demeanor make for one major joy of a boy.  You are always fun to be around, too. I feel so lucky to be able to have Mr. Almost Too Much grow up in front of my camera every few months! I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon.


Sometimes the smallest of toddlers can be the biggest of fun.

Even if they begin their photo session a little on the shy side…




And, when a  toddler is shy, they will play with their hands.

Which makes for a really cute photo:



But, when a little toddler is full of big fun, her shyness will only be temporary.

In a matter of seconds, her inner performer came out to play.  Ta-da!



She loved getting reactions out of us.

Little girl, big fun.


And with big fun came big laughs.

Laughs so big, she couldn’t even keep her eyes open.  My favorite kind of laughs.   This kind:



She had this natural, silly, gooberish-ness about her.

So, of course, we got along great.


And, you can’t photograph a girl without some twirl…


She had this giggle that I wanted to capture in a bottle.

It came from down in her chest and bubbled out like a symphony.


And, did I mention how pretty?


So much beautiful… so much fun.

To her mama:  You already know I love you to pieces and I was so thrilled to meet your baby girl.  What a sweet and precious little princess.  She sure was big fun for being so little.  Thanks so much for bringing her in and I hope you like these-  I’ll have the rest finished very soon!

I’m not a big fan of pie.  And, as a result, I always feel a little weird at Thanksgiving. When it’s time for dessert, I get trampled by the stampede of pie-lovers in my family. (Scary, but I’ve gotten used to it.)  So yeah- I don’t like pie.  You’ll still be my friend, right?

Because WAIT!

I do like one type of pie: Cutie Pie.

I love a Cutie Pie.  I had one in my studio recently.

Check him out:


This particular pie is very sweet.  Almost TOO sweet.  But definitely hard to resist.


Beautiful baby boy!

Long lashes and perfect little eyebrows…


He had a lot to say. We had long conversations in baby talk.

We talked about the greatness of this blanket… made for him by his mama’s cousin:


We also played a game called “Get Dat Hand Down, You Silly Boy!”

Because he LOVED having his hand up by his face like this:


I’d pull it down and say “Get dat hand down, you silly boy!”


And he’d say “Haha-HA! I can put it right back!”


Such a Cutie Pie!!

Complete with Cutie-Pie toes:


I’ve probably said it a million times.  When you’re unsure of how to dress your baby for their photo shoot? You can never go wrong with just a diaper and a favorite blanket.

Simple and classic, a baby in a blanket is my favorite duo.


Another blanket made by cousin.  Soft and lovely.

Another great option?  A hooded blanket or towel.


Cuteness meter… BROKEN.

So simple, so precious.

Sometimes I don’t know how my heart can stand it.

To his mama: I was SO glad to meet you.  Are you sure we haven’t been friends for years?  It sure seemed like it.  Birds of a feather, we are.  I had the best time photographing your Cutie Pie and I’m already looking forward to his next shoot. I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!

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