WARNING: The following blog post has serious side effects including but not limited to…

Moderate to Severe Swoonage

Because, look at him… and enjoy your swoon to the moon.


Because newborn wrinkles are sure to take you there.


This baby boy took perfection to eons and beyonds.

He was an expert sleeper, a pro at posing, and didn’t have a single accident while being diaperless.

He even got cozy with his fox and blanket to match his woodland-themed room:


 (Mr.Fox wouldn’t fall asleep, so I shut his eye in photoshop, ha!)

Even while he was awake, baby boy remained a little pill of chill.


Which leads me to my next side effect:


I promise you the words in this blog are always 100% true. You may think I am making up stories about babies such as this one, being absolutely perfect in every way.

But alas… I speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Newbie McDreamy is proof.


By the way… fuzzy newborn ear!


Which leads me to…

Side Effect #3: This blog may awaken a common ailment known to many as Baby Fever.

This feeling is completely harmless unless it reaches extremely high levels in which you may consider stealing random babies.

(If that happens, stick your nose in a dirty diaper and inhale deeply.)

But, goodness, he’s perfect.


And, if you’ve made it this far without any symptoms, prepare to be a goner.

Because DIMPLES.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the moon.  Full of swoon.

I love him!

To his parents: Even though I KNEW you two would make amazing parents… just witnessing your extreme love and professional parentisms… well, it was a wonder to see.  It was such a joy an honor to photograph your precious boy. And thank you for letting me breathe him in and get high on all things new-baby. I hope you love these previews- the rest will be finished soon! 

I’m not mentioning any names, but someone didn’t get the memo about losing all your newborn hair.

She decided to be extra fabulous and kept it around for her 3-month session.


And, I’m so glad she did:


She is the sweetest thing in all the land.

Right down to this teeny tiny hand..


She loved our reaction to her Tummy Time success…

BabyPhoto_04bI. LOVE. HER. HAIR.

She also decided to close her baby blues and take a studio snooze.

And, I’m so glad she did:


Because there’s no better way

For lashes to come out and play…


and to get wiggly feet holding still so sweet:


A short nap well spent, she woke up content…



And we were all so happy with how this photo shoot went!


To her mother: You are precious!  And what a good and loving mommy you are to your beautiful baby girl. Thanks for bringing her back into my studio. I loved our long talks during your session and I am thrilled to have your sweet girl in front of my camera every few months!


There’s a handsome new baby boy in town… and he looks innocent enough…


Especially when he’s snuggled up with his teddy bear…


But be warned, my friends….

Even though he is innocent right down to his toes…


He’s stealing hearts wherever he goes:


His secret weapon? Smirking in his sleep.

Heart melt-eth.


And his hands!!

I was crazy about his hands… such cute, cute hands.


  No autographs, please. No autographs.

And once my whole heart had melted to the floor…

it melted again when he smiled some more:


His skin was softer than the softest softs in the world.

So, really- we need a new word just to describe it.

Along with a new word for perfect.

Because he’s perfecter than perfect.


I love him!!

To his Mama: You, my dear friend, are such a good mommy. And, you looked way too amazing to have just had a baby. HOW do you do that!?  And, Grammy, I’m so glad you were there, too.  I was so proud to photograph your newest little blessing. Such a handsome and beautiful boy. I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!



I’m going ahead and calling it. This 3-year-old will one day be on Broadway.

And she’ll, no doubt, be the one in the main spotlight.


Nah, a spotlight won’t even be necessary because even with 100 cart- wheeling monkeys on the stage, the audience will only see her:

Toddler_04Miss Show Stealer Extraordinaire:


And her adorable hair:


A tiny little girl with a personality so big, it almost didn’t fit in the room.

Check out this maneuver:


To say she was entertaining is an understatement.

My face got a serious laugh workout during her session.

So hilariously expressive!


And how cute is she with her big sister!?

This sweetness was completely genuine and unprompted:


Two sisters and their birthstone bracelets:


I love these girls!!

To their parents: I can’t believe your youngest has reached “Keri-Kay Graduation age” already. That went way too fast. I have the most wonderful memories from your photo sessions throughout the years. Photographing your two beautiful daughters has been such a joy. You have lots to be proud of and I thank you so much! I hope you love these- the rest will be finished soon!

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