There’s a certain little girl who has grown up in front of my camera.  And, from day ONE… in all her newborn-ness… she was 100% herself.  I always say, Be yourself. It’s the easiest thing to be.

And Miss True Colors right here?  She has always been so good at being… HER.

I just have to pick up my camera and say, “Do your thing, girl.”  And off she goes.

And, then there’s that one second that she actually holds still… and that works, too.

It’s effortless, really.

It was so fitting that the song, “True Colors” came on while I was shooting.   I told her mama, “There’s her blog title, right there.”

I put a chair down, and I knew she wouldn’t just sit in it.  Because in order to show her true colors, she will do her own thing.

Which is SO. Much. Better.

100% HER.

My camera loves you, little darling.

She loves to play dress-up in her mama’s wedding gown.  I was thrilled when she brought it to my studio.  What a lovely little bride…

Good gracious.  So much prettiness.

I always say… There’s nothing more special than a family heirloom.

Another thing I always say?

I love photographing the little ones… because they show their true colors… even in black and white.

To her mama:  She nails it every single time, doesn’t she?  The sessions may always seem a little hectic with all her energy, but it always works.  I never have a single doubt that those true colors of hers will shine through the minute she walks in the door.  I love how her session ended and we sat and talked for who-knows-how-long.  And when clients turn into friends?  That’s the best.  I am so glad to photograph your precious little ones every few months as they grow.  You know the drill from here!

Cute + croon = swoon to the moon.  And that’s my favorite kind of math, right there.  (So what if there’s no numbers.)

And this is my favorite kind of baby boy.

The kind that you think can’t possibly get any cuter… and then he croons.

Yes, he was a Crooner.  He was very vocal with the baby babble.

Here he is, mid croon.

You know how I know he’s a real crooner?  His arms and eyebrows get involved.

And, he loved to mimic me and repeat what I said.  Such a smarty pants!

Good gracious, he’s cute.

Aside from his crooning with cuteness, he was also very advanced.  Nine months old and already taking some steps.

That’s too soon, Mr. Croon!

What’s that you say?

I should mention… this Crooner was half Rock Star.

And what’s a Rock Star without a little air guitar?

You know how I know he’s a real Rock Star?  His entire face gets involved!

That expression was so hilarious… you may have missed these:

And, what’s a Crooning Rock Star without a party in the back.  Or should I say… backstage?

I can’t stand it.

To his Mama: You are sweet as can be and I love laughing with you. To his Dada: You were so considerate- a big help and I appreciate that so much. I have enjoyed getting to know your sweet family with every session so far. I’m already looking forward to the big O-N-E coming up next. I’m sure little man will be running circles around us for that one. I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

He was a wonderful brand-new baby.   He was a Wonderbaby.

I was finished shooting his full newborn session in an hour and a half.  Because Wonderbaby was made to model.

He was getting them Z’s like a champ.

And then there’s the whole “He’s Beautiful” thing… because… he’s beautiful.

I noticed his smoochy lips right away…while he was still completely engulfed in his car seat.

They. Are. Perfect.

As perfect as the little blonde hairs on his cheek.  *Swoon*

Yes, Wonderbaby was 7 pounds of perfection. Right down to his toes.

Complete with Wonderbaby sleeping sighs.  They are my favorite song.

I don’t know how I can stand it sometimes.

He was so well-behaved and perfectly content to sleep all the way through his session.

He even puckered up.  Good job, Wonder-bundle.

And a tiny smirk for good measure.  Because he was a champ like that.

Did I mention perfect skin?  Because he had that going for him, too.

And, in case you don’t know this about me by now… I love (lovelovelove luuuuurve) newborn profiles.  Just look at him.

And, I’ve already posted too many, but I can’t NOT tell you that Wonderbaby pumped some iron.  Already a chip off the old block.

I’m pretty sure he’s flexing.

To his mama: It was so nice to meet you. Are you sure we haven’t been friends for a few years already?  We got along like old chums.  You look amazing and after hearing about all your travels, I decided I want to BE you, so just tell me how to do that. K, thanks. Also, I loved your excitement and enthusiasm! My goodness, I wish I could bottle that stuff.  To his daddy: No worries, Mama had enough enthusiasm for the both of you. K? (<– haha) Thanks for braving the heat and spending your morning with us!  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Sweet girl was all seriousness.  And seriousness is absolutely fine. Because, when it comes to babies, seriousness is always paired with great eye contact.

Even when there’s some big-time finger-chewin’ goin’ on.

Some babies have a little “nervous thing” they do when they first get in front of the camera.  This isn’t a baby who usually chews on her fingers, but it was very cute for the short time that it lasted.

Cute when she’s feeling awkward?  Lucky little lady.

She didn’t feel awkward for long, though.

Although, she barely made a sound for most of her session. Quiet, little thinking thing.

And when she was ready to stand, her mama was there for her.  Because she’s a lucky little lady.

I told her to give me a far-off, dramatic look.  She nailed it.

She loved wearing hats.  And she looked good in them. Lucky little lady.

She also loved wearing her new teeth:

I made sure to get a different angle for her mama… to prove that her lucky little lady still looked like a baby:

That worked.  Nice lashes. Lucky little lady.

Funny story: Whenever she was on her back, whether having her diaper changed, or in front of my camera, she would do crunches.  Six months old and already working on her core.

She seemed enjoy the workout, though.  Lucky little lady.

And, I know I’ve been calling her the Lucky Little Lady… but, I’m pretty sure I was the lucky one. Because I got to have her beautiful face in front of my camera.

To her mama: College friend, it was SO good to see you again and I loved how much we laughed. Especially at the “giraffe creature”… I’m still laughing about that. And, Gramma, it was great meeting you!  This session was an absolute blast… thanks so much for making the drive all the way from Chattanooga to bring your sweet girl into my studio.  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

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