Classically precious.

A bare boy and his bears:




So cute, I could BEARly stand it.


 Look at those bottom teeth!

I always tell parents not to stress over clothing for your baby’s photo session.

A fuzzy friend and no outfit at all makes for a really cute and classic photo:




You can never go wrong with simple and sweet.

(I also have these knitted shorts, among many other things, in my studio.)




Because this, right here, is what it’s all about:



I can’t believe he is already a year old.

But, with a bench that’s tall, we see he’s still small…

(I’m in love with this vintage bench from Cranberry Crow, located inside Fireflies, the shop below my studio.)


 I’m pretty sure he knows how cute he is.  I mean… that chin!

And, when you’re one, you can have messy fun.



Goodness me, this child.

So photogenic, I have to resist doing a little dance after every shot.



He even has a photogenic foot!


 So, so sweet… with icing on his feet.

 Sweet boy, my camera loves you as much as I do.

Have your bear raise his paw if you love me, too!Baby_Photographer-04


It’s true, y’all. His mama was holding him when they were leaving and he LEANED to me with his arms out!  So of course, I held him for a bit and while I was talking with his parents, he snuggled onto my shoulder!!!  JUST when I think the boy couldn’t get any more lovable, he proves me wrong.


To his parents: Bittersweetness to the extreme!  Your beautiful boy’s first year went by way too fast. I’m sure you agree. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to photograph him every few months as he grew throughout the year.  He has been a top-notch model baby in every sense of the word.  He belongs in pictures.  And, I’m so glad he’s in mine.  Thanks for a wonderful year!  I hope you love these and I’ll have the rest finished soon!

Here we have a boy who missed the memo about not throwing your body all over creation.

What that means is…

He threw his body all over creation.


Here is Mr. Thrill Seeker himself…. happily attempting a trip to Tumble Town:


Disclaimer: All his attempts were UNsuccessful.  No Thrill Seekers were harmed during the making of these photos.

That’s not to say he didn’t try. At one point, he bungee jumped using his mom’s arm as the rope.  He was perfectly fine, and so were we (with the exception of our hearts ending up in our necks somewhere.)  Good catch, Mommy!


Now, sit back and please allow my camera to fool you into thinking this Thrill Seeker held still.



He was continuously seeking thrills with the strongest of wills.

And looking ridiculously cute while doing it.


That face!!  So handsome.

Gotta love how the boys get the longest lashes…

He can flutter them to slow down his future tumbles.



And in case you didn’t know- Even Thrill Seekers have to grow teeth.

And, new teeth make for cute expressions:



Thrill Seekers don’t need teething toys.

They use their own fingers.



I must say, I’m so glad my camera is quick enough to freeze this little mover because he brought a ton of  handsome with him.

And photogenic-ness too.




Plus, he had some fishing to do.


And, everyone knows a true Thrill Seeker immediately eats his fresh catch:


Raw yarn, y’all.   Fearless.


To his mama:   I always have so much fun with you!  No doubt, your boy will be keeping you on your toes for the rest of your life.  I love him so!  He takes after big sister with his photogenic ways and I am so glad.  I hope you like these- the rest will be finished soon!

After photographing 12 baby girls in a row, it is time for a boy.

Here we have the first of 8 boys in a row.

Bring on the handsome!



And boy oh boy was this boy ALL BOY.

He was not quite one, but totally on the run.

And fun. He was lots of fun.



His expression: “I’ll give you one quick millisecond, lady. Then, I’m outta here!” 


I’m so glad my camera is quick.

Because of that, I was able to get this:


Love the blonde roots on them long lashes.

This next image is one of my favorites.  Because this is real.  This picture is TRUTH.

The mischievous look on his face… his mama’s hands holding him in place…


She had to have a kung-fu grip on him at all times because he really and truly wouldn’t hold still.  


So, I gave him a suitcase to climb on…



And he quickly decided to bulldoze it across the room:


ToddlerBoy_06I love it!

He was a boy who was focused on his work.  And his schedule.

This is him both playing and leaving at the same time.


At last we found it.  The one thing that DID stop him in his tracks.  The theme song from Bob the Builder.  (Although the version I found on Spotify was more like a remix.)

He loved when I sang along, “Can he fix it? YES HE CAN!”



Handsome smile full of new toofs!

Boy oh boy!  He sure was a challenge.

But, no matter how tough the battle…

We grown-ups always win in the end.


To his mama: Old friend, it was soooo great to see you again after it’s been what- 16 years?  You newest little man is absolutely adorable… both his looks and personality.  What a fun and smart little turbo man.  Thanks for your patience while I was out-of-town.  I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!  xoxo

Ruffles and lace… and a beautiful face…


so much sweetness all over the place:


She chewed on her finger instead of a teether…

Lucky for us, it made a picture that’s sweeter.



And I know it sounds crazy, but I’m sure you didn’t know…

that she matched her eyes to her dress and her cheeks to her bow…


…with the pretty reaching down to each tiny toe:



We’d whistle at her, and she’d whistle back…

making us suffer a Cuteness Attack.



Now, readers, you must scroll down with care…

for the next one may knock you right out of your chair.



You might as well just remain on the floor…

Because I can’t help but show you one more:



And if you want an image to knock you to your knees,

let’s have her mommy give her a squeeze.  If you please.





I can’t.  I just can’t… even.  I can’t even.


To her mama:  It was so nice to meet you!  I loved talking with you and finding out how much we have in common.  I especially loved photographing your beautiful baby girl.  If anyone accuses you of putting blush on those squishy cheeks, I can vouch that they are truly that rosy.  Such great personality in that tiny baby… she is a true gem and I’m already looking forward to her next session.  I hope you like this preview- I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

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