He was a wonderful brand-new baby.   He was a Wonderbaby.

I was finished shooting his full newborn session in an hour and a half.  Because Wonderbaby was made to model.

He was getting them Z’s like a champ.

And then there’s the whole “He’s Beautiful” thing… because… he’s beautiful.

I noticed his smoochy lips right away…while he was still completely engulfed in his car seat.

They. Are. Perfect.

As perfect as the little blonde hairs on his cheek.  *Swoon*

Yes, Wonderbaby was 7 pounds of perfection. Right down to his toes.

Complete with Wonderbaby sleeping sighs.  They are my favorite song.

I don’t know how I can stand it sometimes.

He was so well-behaved and perfectly content to sleep all the way through his session.

He even puckered up.  Good job, Wonder-bundle.

And a tiny smirk for good measure.  Because he was a champ like that.

Did I mention perfect skin?  Because he had that going for him, too.

And, in case you don’t know this about me by now… I love (lovelovelove luuuuurve) newborn profiles.  Just look at him.

And, I’ve already posted too many, but I can’t NOT tell you that Wonderbaby pumped some iron.  Already a chip off the old block.

I’m pretty sure he’s flexing.

To his mama: It was so nice to meet you. Are you sure we haven’t been friends for a few years already?  We got along like old chums.  You look amazing and after hearing about all your travels, I decided I want to BE you, so just tell me how to do that. K, thanks. Also, I loved your excitement and enthusiasm! My goodness, I wish I could bottle that stuff.  To his daddy: No worries, Mama had enough enthusiasm for the both of you. K? (<– haha) Thanks for braving the heat and spending your morning with us!  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Sweet girl was all seriousness.  And seriousness is absolutely fine. Because, when it comes to babies, seriousness is always paired with great eye contact.

Even when there’s some big-time finger-chewin’ goin’ on.

Some babies have a little “nervous thing” they do when they first get in front of the camera.  This isn’t a baby who usually chews on her fingers, but it was very cute for the short time that it lasted.

Cute when she’s feeling awkward?  Lucky little lady.

She didn’t feel awkward for long, though.

Although, she barely made a sound for most of her session. Quiet, little thinking thing.

And when she was ready to stand, her mama was there for her.  Because she’s a lucky little lady.

I told her to give me a far-off, dramatic look.  She nailed it.

She loved wearing hats.  And she looked good in them. Lucky little lady.

She also loved wearing her new teeth:

I made sure to get a different angle for her mama… to prove that her lucky little lady still looked like a baby:

That worked.  Nice lashes. Lucky little lady.

Funny story: Whenever she was on her back, whether having her diaper changed, or in front of my camera, she would do crunches.  Six months old and already working on her core.

She seemed enjoy the workout, though.  Lucky little lady.

And, I know I’ve been calling her the Lucky Little Lady… but, I’m pretty sure I was the lucky one. Because I got to have her beautiful face in front of my camera.

To her mama: College friend, it was SO good to see you again and I loved how much we laughed. Especially at the “giraffe creature”… I’m still laughing about that. And, Gramma, it was great meeting you!  This session was an absolute blast… thanks so much for making the drive all the way from Chattanooga to bring your sweet girl into my studio.  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

This was his fifth session with me, so he knew the drill.  He knew what to expect and he knew what to do.  And, most importantly, he knew ME… and I love when that happens.

Look how sweet he is:

And, this wasn’t just any session. This was the big one.  Because he turned the big ONE.

His first year went too fast. That was the bitter part.  But, the rest is full of nothing but sweet.

Sweet like these feet.

One is fun.  He was proud to show me his tricks.  He did sign language for “more” and “milk” along with speaking more words than I could count…

and when little hands are clapping with a “yay” to go along with it… well, it’s just downright sweet.

Sweet like all those teeth.

Know what else was sweet?  His kiss face.

Give kisses!

Precious, precious boy.  No, he can’t get much sweeter than this.

Unless he digs into some birthday cake.

And just like that… sweet boy becomes even sweeter.

I love, love, love…. (lovelovelovelovelovelove)… photographing my Sweet Pea Plan babies every few months throughout their first year.   They go from sleeping newborns to talking, toddling toddlers.  And, my heart can barely stand it.

To his mama: Wah!  Why did you let him grow up so fast!? I have really enjoyed getting to know you throughout your sweet man’s first year.  I just adore you and big sister and I love your birthday boy to pieces. Lots of pieces.  He’s going to go places, this kid.  I just know it.  I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Sugar and spice and everything nice… and some muffin fluff. I love that stuff.

And that’s what this girl is made of:

What a darling face!  And, of course, I love her wild hair.

This blanket was made by her great-grandmother. So sweet.

She was so much fun to hold… very solid and very squishy.  Very muffin fluffy.

She was very entertaining, too.

Skin like porcelain and eyes like the skies.

Hey, Muffin Fluff?  How much do you love your photographer?

Toe my goodness!

She made so many cute faces and she also loved to stare right into my lens… she was excellent with eye contact.

She was constantly thinking… very interested in what I was doing.

She even kept her eye contact going while engaging in baby activities such as this:

She has a froggy theme in her bedroom. I love when parents bring stuffed animals.

I love this baby.  I love her frogs. I love this image:

To her mama: It was so nice to meet you and thanks for letting me squeeze on Miss Muffin Fluff as much as I wanted.  It really was impossible to resist!  I hope you like your preview-the rest will be finished soon!

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