Look at you.

You’re just two.


And when you’re just two, you can be a little nervous at the beginning of a photo shoot.

But, your photographer is fine with that. Because that little bit of nervousness?

It caused you to fiddle with your necklace.  Let’s not forget this.


But, because you’re two… all it took was a familiar song…

And you quickly exchanged your nervousness for dancing.


And, we just couldn’t believe it…. when shy little you took it completely upon yourself to do this cute little number:


And you were SO very two… when I put some fluffy friends with you:


Thank you for showing us the sweetness of your little two-year-old heart.



And, because you’re two… you stopped everything to fiddle with that necklace one more time.

Oh, but we’re so glad you did.

Because it resulted in a picture that shows your parents that even though you’re TWO?  You still have baby-like cheeks.

And those wispy toddler tendrils just learning to be hair?  Let’s not forget they’re there…


We’re so glad you’re just two.

Because just two looks good on you.


And so do my sunglasses.

Now, have a look at big sister.  A girl I have photographed since she was a baby.  A girl whose personality has grown and blossomed every bit as beautifully as her hair.


Together, they’re an adorable pair:







To their parents:  Y’all are so much fun. Always.  I love your girls so much… they are sweet, beautiful, and so fun to photograph.  I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Look at this sweet little 6-pound bundle of perfection… straight from the heavens above…

…smiling before I even had time to put her in a headband:


If this newborn session was a cartoon, little hearts would have been sprouting out of my chest the entire time.

And while you’re picturing that (because I know you did, right?)… picture me floating about a foot off the floor.

Because this baby bundle swooned me to the moon.


She was absolutely amazing in every way.

She slept nearly the entire time and her full session was wrapped up in 2 hours (That’s including changing and feeding breaks, along with lots of good conversation between her parents and me).

Now, that’s something to smile about.


Aside from her exceptional behavior, let me state the obvious: There’s a whole lotta beauty in this baby:


She looked especially exquisite on this beautiful bench.

NewbornPhoto_05Bench is from Wilshire Collections which can be found inside Fireflies, a collection of unique boutiques in the space below my studio!

She was so darling.

Look at her sweet newborn hands:


MUSH ALERT: I’m about to get sappy for a bit. I’m all about being real, so here’s the truth:

Sometimes, when I’m taking pictures… I’m not just looking through the viewfinder of my camera and through my lens… sometimes I’m also looking through my own tears.

Oftentimes they’re tears of joy because I can’t believe how much I love this job.
They can be tears of awe when I can’t believe the magic and beauty of these tiny miracles I photograph.
Then, there’s times when my tears are a direct result of the immense amount of love in the room… swirling around like Springtime.

And finally, I also shoot through tears when I’m photographing a baby who was longed for, wished for and prayed for… for a very long time.

A baby who is finally here.


This newborn session had me shooting through tears for all of those reasons above. (Yeah, my heart didn’t stand a chance.)

And, my… what a perfectly beautiful little miracle.


Sometimes, when I get too mushy… I need to end with some humor.

So, I’ll end with one of my favorites from her session.  She loved having this one leg up in the air.

And we loved cracking up over it:


To her parents: It was so great to meet you and I enjoyed every bit of your session.  Thanks for sharing your story with me. Your new daughter is a true blessing… worth the wait and so well-deserved. You are both amazing parents already and I’m praying daily for you to have the smooth sailing you deserve from here on out.  I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Goodbye crawl-ness, hello tallness!


Her parents are tall, so this girl is going to be a runway model or basketball player… or a coconut getter-downer.
(Personally, I’d pick the 3rd one.. just so I’d have an excuse to live in a tropical place.)

Look at this cuteness.  Little Miss Long Legs.


Full of sweetness and rosy cheekness.



And she would stand with precise princess-ness:


You can’t make an 18-month-old stand a certain way. It just has to happen and I’m glad it did.

And in case you need more proof of princess… I think this counts:



A princess girl will do a twirl.



And she looks exactly like a doll-version of her daddy:

Speaking of doll… this one got lots of free kisses:


She’s 18 months. She’s growing from smallness to tallness… marching head-first into the land of two-year-olds.


That doesn’t mean she’s still not a baby.  See?


 Baby cheeks and lashes that are way too dark to be fair.

I love this beautiful baby toddler.

To her parents: I love y’all as well! We laugh a lot, don’t we?  Fun, fun, fun. I love photographing your sweet and classy girl and I’m already looking forward to her 2-year session. Thanks so much for bringing her back into my studio. I hope you like this preview and thank you for your patience while I was out of town.  And, Happy Birthday, Lindsey!  I hope your day has been wonderful. The rest will be finished soon!

Ladies and gentlebabies, come and see… the first and only 3-month-old baby to go an entire session without chewing on her hands:


Typically, at this age, it’s big-time work for me to do everything in my power to keep their hands out of their mouths.  After all, hand-chewing is a 3-month-old’s most favorite hobby.  (I’m used to it. I don’t mind. :) )

THIS 3-month-old, however, had an entirely different hobby of choice.

Just simply being pretty.


 What a precious profile!

She also liked to be sneaky and save her best smiles for when she was being changed away from the camera.  It’s okay, though. When babies hide smiles at 3-months, it just means they’re storing up extras for 6-months.  So, I’m looking forward to that.

As for this age- guess what?!

Sometimes beauty sleep happens.


And, I LOVE when that happens.

Because you can’t get more simply pretty than this:


Perfect lips, lashes and skin.  Good heavens!

And, if you’re really lucky… the most amazing thing will happen when baby awakens.

-Are your ready for this?-


The Stretch of Hilariousness:


Aaaa!  I’m so glad she showed me her secret chin collection.  (Raise your hands if you love your photographer!)

Now, despite the fact that her smiles were scarce, a smirk still escaped.



Did we nail it, Mama?  I do believe this is the shot you were hoping for.  Woo!

And you know what I say about the beautiful simplicity of a baby and a blanket, right?

It’s never a bad idea.   Never.


Know what else is simply pretty?

Baby’s name on her mommy’s ring…


Sweet doll baby…

It’s only been 3 months, but my how you’ve grown…


To her mama: I love how many laughs we had during your session. (I’m laughing right now remembering the diaper cover with the tail.) I also love your simple, clean and classic style. I truly love timeless!  I hope you like these previews as much as I do.  I am going to be out of the office until the 21st and I’ll finish the rest of your photos upon my return. I adore you and I appreciate your patience so much. I’ll be in touch!


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