First of all, it’s fun to say “Mr. Interested”. (Try it. Out loud.) If you don’t agree with me, just pretend you do. (And pretend I’m normal while you’re at it.)

So, I recently had a member of my Sweet Pea Plan turn one. I was in complete denial on the day of his photo session.  I had a brain warp and actually thought he was 9-months old.  Then, I had a brain explosion when his daddy put him on the ground and the baby RAN across the room.

I had to wrap my mind around the fact that his year passed so quickly and he was already one… and not just walking… but running.  Zero stumbling.

I almost couldn’t deal with it.

Be still, little one.  Have an apple.

Quick side story: His mama pulled out these overalls and his daddy laughed and said, “Do you have a HAY backdrop?!”

I said, “Why yes!  Yes I DO.”  I unrolled it and said, “HaaAAAaay!”

He said, “Go for it.” and we did.

I love those new little teeth.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have been so surprised by his early walking skills.  Because he’s Mr. Interested.

A Mr.  Interested is always thinking.

And a Mr. Interested will keep thinking until he figures things out.

That precious face.

Typically, there’s too many interesting things in my studio that appeal to babies for them to be interested in photography equipment.  But, not Mr. Interested.  Kid WANTED my camera.  And he was very… well, INTERESTED… in my lights.  And, my backdrops.  Future photographer?  He’ll be the BEST.  And I won’t be surprised if he starts learning the craft before he’s two.

He is also a Bears fan.

Now, I don’t know much about football, but I heard that The Bears recently lost a game.  So, it must have been pretty brutal if even I heard about it.  Or maybe it wasn’t.  What do I know.

I’ll tell you what I know.

He is the cutest Bears fan in the history of them all.

And, there’s nothing cuter on a little boy  (or even my husband, for that matter) than a backwards hat.

So, yes- Mr. Interested seemed pretty sure about being a Bears fan.

He was NOT so interested in hockey, though.  At least not on this day.

What’s this?  What’s hockey?

He needs to like it, though, because his daddy is a hockey player.   When he decides he’s interested, he’ll let us know.

I just like how his daddy’s hockey stick makes this little guy look like just that.  A LITTLE guy.

Slow down on the growin’, sweet boy.

To his parents:  I hope my reaction to the walking didn’t scare you. I don’t typically scream that loudly just seconds after clients come in my studio.  I was just completely shocked.  I have had the most wonderful time photographing your beautiful boy as he has grown through his first year in front of my camera.  And, thank you so much for already getting him on my calendar for his two-year shoot.  This way, I don’t have to cry.  AND, Mr.  Interested and I can compare photography notes.  I’m already looking forward to it.

Pip | Spring Hill, TN Toddler Photography

Posted on November 5, 2014

Look at this little showstopper:

Three years old, tiny as a pip… with a personality that could barely fit in the room:

In case that photo above isn’t proof enough… Let me tell ya: She looooved being in front of my camera.

She even put me in front of HER camera:

She made it easy for me because I love nothing more than when little ones have fun and be themselves.

She’s a beautiful little Pip.

She just did her own thing and I took pictures of it.   I almost died when she did this:

Again, this was all her:


Big brother came along for a few shots and brought his glorious new gap with him.  Gotta love the age of the missing teeth.  My daughter is at this same stage right now and it’s adorable. Right in time for pumpkin season, little buddy.

Together, they make a pretty sweet pair of siblings.

And, last but not least, I must share another pair.  A princess with her daddy:

That’s a moment, right there.   I want him to do this with her on her wedding day and frame the photos side-by-side.  He MUST, right?!

To her parents: Thanks for another wonderful shoot. Your kids are beautiful and so full of life and personality.  That little Pip is going to get you in trouble, I just know it.  I can’t believe she is already 3 and “graduating” from my baby studio.  Say it isn’t so! I have enjoyed watching her grow in front of my camera into the beautiful and entertaining little pip that she is. I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

They are sisters and they are sweet.

They are sweetsters.

Let’s begin with the youngest sweetster.  Little Mama.

Not that long ago, I was photographing her as a newborn.  Now, SHE is all about some babies.

I loved witnessing her natural maternal instincts.  Taking pictures was fun, but what she REALLY wanted to do was be a mommy to the doll baby she found in my toy basket.

I told her she’s going to be a great mommy one day. (I remember my mom telling me that when I was a kid and how special I felt.)

She sparkles more than her shirt.

Next we have older sister shyness.  I called her Ariel.

She went almost the entire session without making a sound.

So, of course I called her Ariel. Because obviously Ursula stole her voice.

Looking waaaay too grown up!  And, oh-my-word that smile.

Together, they make a sweet, sweet pair.

Of sisters.  Sweet ones.  Sweetsters.

Such beauties! I love their smiles full of tiny teeth.  And how much they love each other.

I’m very close to my sister, so knowing that these two will grow up and most-likely become best friends for life… well, that’s just awesome.

To their parents: Heavens to mercy, you have cute kids.  GORGEOUS! I’m sure no one ever tells you that, right?  And their outfits?!  I don’t think I’m ever going to be lucky enough to visit Korea and buy them myself.  Just beautiful.  I hope you like your preview and the rest will be finished soon!  (Ps- in the meantime, throw the bones. haha)

Winner | Spring Hill, TN Baby Photography

Posted on October 31, 2014

I was so happy to meet my newest Sweet Pea Plan member.

If his first session with me was a baseball game, he hit the ball out of the park.

He smiled like a true winner:

Those bright eyes!  Is he a cutie or what?!

These are some pretty cute toes, too:

He was also a winner in the napping department.  He actually fell asleep on his own, right in front of my camera.

Then, being the winner that he was, he let me pose him.

Well, hello little dimple chin!

At 3 months old, babies don’t normally pose like newborns.  Unless they’re a winner:

Can you guess the winner of my imaginary eyelash competition?  He needs a blue ribbon for these lashes.

Let me get you a little closer to the amazing-ness:

And although he doesn’t have a ton of hair on top yet… allow me to honorably mention his party in the back.

And, if those baby neck rolls don’t look chewable…

And, this little hand is just cute.

What a handsome little winner:

And check out his precious face right after he finally woke up:

I really don’t know how I can stand the cuteness sometimes.

To his parents: It was so wonderful to meet you!  And, how crazy that we went the entire session before realizing me and Daddy went to the same high school.  I was much older, but we don’t need to mention that part. (Even though I just mentioned it.)  You two are great at the parenting and I’m so excited to have your boy on my calendar every 3 months this first year. He is a beautiful winner of a boy and  I can’t wait to see how much his lashes grow! I hope you like your preview- I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

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