Skin of porcelain, eyes of blue…



here’s a girl who’s very two:



Two looks good on you, it’s true….



Not a single eyelash out of place,

and beautiful birthmarks on your face:



And we loved to see you in that place…

Where stubbornness and sweetness interlace:



Sweet and sassy, little sprite…

You were two with all your might.




Only snacking from a certain cup…

So we made sure to fill it up:



You’re so two…through and through…

You make us laugh and we love you:




Now, raise your hands if you love me, too:







To her mama: What a wonderful mama you are!  The Two’s are tricky, but you handled it extremely well, my friend.  We all did- ha!  To Loveable Grandma and sweet Nonnie-“Nonnie-Nu-Nu”, I’m so glad you both came to the session. Feel free to hang out with me any time. I loved your endearing company!   I hope you love these photos of your beautiful girl so far- the rest will be finished soon!


What do you get when you have a baby girl in a seersucker ruffle-bottomed monogrammed bubble outfit?


A bubbly bundle of adorableness. Almost too much cute for my camera to handle.

Especially when her smiling eyes are shaped like sideways dewdrops.  (Cue the swoon.)



And these squish-able baby legs and feet:



And then this expression that’s way too sweet:



And then we discovered her newest favorite hangout:


She would have stayed in there all day if we let her.

HELLO, sweet bubbly baby cheeks:



And another ruffle-bottomed bubble outfit.  A baby girl can never have too many .



Raise your hand if you love your photographer!


OOOoo, BOTH hands?!  She really means it! 

I love you too, Sweet Bubble Girl!



To her mama and BB: You two are great to be around and experts at loving that sweet baby girl. Thanks for acting like goofballs with me as we tried so hard to get laughs. I, myself, got a lot of laughs. Especially when you mentioned that baby girl had a “tude”.  No one’s going to believe that after seeing these pictures, though, huh?   She’s DARLING!  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

Fatty Cake, Fatty Cake, baby girl…

sweet puffy cheeks and one random curl:



Actually, I call her Princess Pretty Puff.  Fatty Cakes is her mama’s nickname for her, which is just as fitting.

Speaking of her mama… this was her blue dress when she was a baby.  I love when this happens!


And, I love this niece of mine:




And I swoon to the moon over her precious profile… with her button nose and chin chubs!




Then there’s this most-favorite expression:



And hello, little elbow dimple.

And as if an elbow dimple wasn’t cute enough, how about some thigh rolls?


Raise your hand if you love your auntie photographer!



And just to double-check that she actually meant it…

I asked if I could have her lovey.


Awww… that means a lot, sweet girl.

Now, please look little.



To her mama, my sister in law: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU!  I love how it worked out for me to get this posted on your birthday.  And, I’ll have them all finished tonight. Woohoo!  I love you and my Nieceroonie Princess Pretty Puff Fatty Cakes so much!

To everyone else:  Need an eye doctor?  The very best one just happens to be my brother (and this cute baby’s dad), Dr. Rob, at Spring Hill Eyecare across the street from my studio on Main Street.  Go SEE what you’ve been missing.

Rosebud lips and blushy cheeks,

Grabbing toes on tiny feets…


A baby like this puts me on cloud nine,

With skin like porcelain, she was simply divine.


Sitting so nice with an adorable smile,



and a face so pretty, we could stare at it for awhile:






And now, all rhyming must cease.

Because these chubby, squishy baby hands are so precious, I can’t even think anymore:



And then, there’s this expression:




And, I think it’s safe to say she looooved wearing this extra-special dress her grandmother made just for her:



She also looked lovely in the headband her mama made:   (Check out Smitten Kitten, one of the amazing unique boutiques located inside Fireflies, the shop below my studio!)



Beautiful. Baby.


I love getting pictures next to the same teddy bear every few months. As she grows, the bear keeps shrinking.  It will be a fun storyboard at the end of her first year!


A baby and her bear make a super sweet pair:



To her mama: As always, your session was full of great fun. I love laughing with you about our mutual craziness. And, I love loving on your sweet girl.  She’s such a pretty doll, simply divine.  I hope you like your preview- I can’t wait for you to see the rest when they are all finished soon!

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