Well, hello little Rosebud.
You can rock a bonnet like no-baby’s business.

And that’s not just any bonnet…  it was the very same bonnet your mommy wore when she was a baby.

“You don’t say!”

No go ahead and be proud of your inherited bonnet in all it’s vintage cuteness.

See?  It’s so special and pretty. Just like you.

And I feel special to be photographing you.

.     .     .     .    .

I loved seeing how much this pretty girl had changed since her newborn session a few months ago.

Aside from getting bigger, she had discovered a favorite “accessory” that goes with her wherever she goes… it even helps her sleep.  I’ll let you guess….

Gosh, I love when they do that!

Just like I love baby girls wearing blue.  Just like I love this baby.

I love tummy time, too.

At 3 months old… it’s still new to do.

And, there’s one more thing I can’t (I JUST CAN’T) let you miss.

This most glorious baby bald spot.

Mommies and Daddies, you can’t wait for the hair to grow back in, but it will happen overnight.  You won’t get a chance to say goodbye and believe it or not… you’ll miss it.  Not so fast, baby bald spot!  Now we have a photo that will last forever. <3  And baby girl, you rock that bald spot while you still have it. You have your whole life (well, at least a year) to rock a bonnet.

To her parents: It means so much to me that you made the drive all the way from Kentucky for this photo session.  I always look forward to seeing you and talking with you during your sessions.  After photographing big sister’s first year, I am just thrilled to be photographing your newest beauty as she grows, too.

Look.  Just look. At this little Sir.

A NEW little sir so sleepy and snug.

Like a bug in a rug, just seven days new…

with eyelashes, too:

He was a Sir of many smiles:

Such a handsome little chap!

He also had rolls a-plenty:

Squish. Squish. Can’t stand it.

And, I’m giving him the Blue Ribbon for The Most Perfect Newborn Skin.

Flaw. Less.

And an Honorable Mention for his 2-hour newborn shoot. :)

What a perfect baby, this Sir Snugs.

To his parents: Your growing family is so beautiful! I can already tell that your sweet, newborn boy is every bit as well-behaved as his two older sisters.  He is learning from the best. (ps- I loved their hugs!)  I’m excited to photograph him as he grows throughout his first year. I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

There’s regular bugs, and then there’s cuddle bugs.

As we all know, a regular bug is creepy and crawly.

This baby?  Too young for the crawly.  Zero creepy.  And a little bit sleepy.

Bugs of the cuddle variety are mega cute and always welcome in my studio. (And in my arms, which is where he spent a good amount of time… hence, the Cuddle.)  I have no problem with that, by the way.

For the rest of the time, he was right here as you can see, doing an excellent job of being ridiculously cute. (something regular bugs can’t do… not even the ones of the Lady variety.)

And very beautiful eyes.  Just one pair, thankyouverymuch:

When is comes to a regular bug, I MAY squish him.

When it comes to a cuddle bug, the only thing getting squished are his perfect little cheeks.

And little legs and feet?  Only one perfect pair of those.  And… regular bugs don’t have toes.

As much as Cuddle Bugs like to be held, they also like my camera.

He was 7 weeks old… still new at being a baby.  With bright eyes of blue, and hair that was trying to decide if it wanted to be brown or reddish… if it wanted to be curly or straight. The “figuring-out” stage is pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Hello, you precious thing.

Want. To keep. The baby.

Snug as a Cuddle Bug in a rug.

To his mama: I was sooo thrilled to meet your newest baby and I’m even more thrilled to photograph him every few months as he grows this year.  I enjoyed chatting with you (and chatting and chatting and chatting) because with this being your third baby to grow up in front of my camera, you have become much more than a client to me. I love you, friend! You’re such a good mama.

There’s a certain little girl who has grown up in front of my camera.  And, from day ONE… in all her newborn-ness… she was 100% herself.  I always say, Be yourself. It’s the easiest thing to be.

And Miss True Colors right here?  She has always been so good at being… HER.

I just have to pick up my camera and say, “Do your thing, girl.”  And off she goes.

And, then there’s that one second that she actually holds still… and that works, too.

It’s effortless, really.

It was so fitting that the song, “True Colors” came on while I was shooting.   I told her mama, “There’s her blog title, right there.”

I put a chair down, and I knew she wouldn’t just sit in it.  Because in order to show her true colors, she will do her own thing.

Which is SO. Much. Better.

100% HER.

My camera loves you, little darling.

She loves to play dress-up in her mama’s wedding gown.  I was thrilled when she brought it to my studio.  What a lovely little bride…

Good gracious.  So much prettiness.

I always say… There’s nothing more special than a family heirloom.

Another thing I always say?

I love photographing the little ones… because they show their true colors… even in black and white.

To her mama:  She nails it every single time, doesn’t she?  The sessions may always seem a little hectic with all her energy, but it always works.  I never have a single doubt that those true colors of hers will shine through the minute she walks in the door.  I love how her session ended and we sat and talked for who-knows-how-long.  And when clients turn into friends?  That’s the best.  I am so glad to photograph your precious little ones every few months as they grow.  You know the drill from here!

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