Tiny like a tinker and southern like a belle.

She’s a pretty little Tinker Belle.

11 lbs at 4 months old… and me thinks she’s storing some of those pounds in these precious cheeks:

Cheeks that I squeezed a few times.  I mean, who could resist?

And, as I always say… my favorite thing about photographing babies at 3 and 4 months old?  They bring their Z’s with them.

Those lashes, goodness me.

They deserve a side view… just as much as her cheeks do:

Such perfect baby features.

Such a pretty sleeper.

And when awake… this is a 4-month-old’s favorite hobby.  Chewing on the hands.

Ah, but I never said it didn’t make for a cute photo:

Is there such thing as Too Much Pretty?

If so, let’s consider this Exhibit A:

Such a beautiful baby girl.

And, because her mama really wanted a photo of Tinker Belle’s other favorite hobby:

I love when babies chew on their feets!

To her mama: What a good mama you are!  And it is so cute how much baby girl is looking like you!  ~And it was so nice to meet you, Grammy.  I can see that sweet baby isn’t spoiled or loved at all. Nope, not at all. ;) You guys are great to be around, so feel free to come hang out any time.  I had a blast photographing your precious tiny girl and I’m already looking forward to her next session.

My, what a cute little pair of matching sisters:

They’re twins.

They’re princesses.


(That’s normally a cool word I’d come up with myself, but I have to give credit to Laura Vasquez-Morales who used that awesome term in a comment on my Facebook page. I love it!)

Identical twincesses!

I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to distinguish between the two of them while working on their images.  Because, in the studio, when they kept switching spots and moving all over the place… I was all kinds of confused.

So as not to confuse YOU, I’m going to start with The Shy One:

She was a little uncertain at first, but that didn’t stop her from going into pose mode.

She impressed me with her model-like gaze:

And beautiful eyes and shiny-full lips. So pretty.

But, the more serious twin is not without a silly side:

Too much cute! Just… way too much cute.

And when I brought out a fuzzy friend, she showed us her lovey side:


Now, before I move onto the other sister, I want to be honest about the chaos that was this session.  Woo!  They were FAST, these two.  And all over the place.  We needed every pair of hands and feet in the room to be grabbing, running, moving, chasing, soothing, changing, loving…. these two.

And, yeah, while I’m being honest… there were a few meltdowns.  But, that’s no surprise with toddlers.  Luckily, one would have her “moment” while the other was ready to be photographed. So, there was never a double dose of meltdown, which is a WIN in my book.

Now, onto the next pretty twincess.  The Talker:

That smile paired with smiley eyes… so pretty.

In case you don’t already know this, my second language is Baby Babble. I don’t want to brag, but I’m fluent.  I had an entire conversation with this gal that lasted at least 5 minutes. Hand gestures and everything.  (There were witnesses.) I’m not ashamed to admit that it was the most fun I had that whole day.

“Check it out, I know how to pose, too!”

She came with a pocket full of cute expressions.  Like this one:

And, I don’t know about you, but this next one makes me want to scoop her right up:

Want. To take.  The baby.

Now, I don’t know a better way to end this blog feature than with a realistic image of the two of them together.  Because this is how it really was most of the time:

And, I couldn’t possibly love it any more than I do.

To their parents: It was so great to meet you!  And, I meant what I said- you two are parents at Level: Expert.  Be proud of that. Be very proud.  The way you two handled these two like a well-oiled machine of parenthood… it was amazing to watch.  One would grab a diaper while the other grabbed the wipes… and so on. I even saw one baby get passed (and flipped playfully upside-down in the process) to the other parent after a bottle for the job of the burping.  Amazing.  Your girls are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much for bringing them into my studio. I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

He is a dashing young man.

Dashing in more ways than one.

Because dashing is an adjective with more definitions than one.  And this boy is all three.

Dashing: Stylish.

I mean… hello, suspenders:

And those eyes!  They are stylish without even trying.

Always extra-super with the stylish, this boy.

Here he is just OWNING his skinny jeans, while being totally cute in the process:

He makes it look easy to be dashing.

Dashing: Gallant (brave and noble-minded) in appearance and manner

Why yes.  Yes he certainly is.

Dashing: Energetic and spirited; Lively

No doubt.  Here he is on the verge of vacating the trunk:

And, here he is dashing around in such a classic little-boy way… I can’t even stand it.

Boys and trucks.  A bond born at birth.

I have probably said it a million times:  I love watching little boys play.  They get so engaged in it.

And, things with wheels are always their number one choice.  (At least with my son and every boy that has ever been photographed in my studio)

And, oh goodness.

Did you hear about the wreck on Highway Cuteness?

Time is dashing, too. This boy has grown up in front of my camera since he was a newborn and it has been such a joy to see him blossom into the brave, stylish, noble-minded, spirited and lively young toddler he is today.  Dashing, indeed.  I love him so.

To his parents:  As always, your photo shoot was tons of fun.  Your boy is gorgeous inside and out.  You are such cool-awesome parents… and he is so lucky!  I loved all the laughs and running around we did.  (I count it as exercise so I don’t have to go to the gym. Score!)  I hope you like your preview and the rest will be finished soon!

There’s  a certain newborn girl…

She’s super presh, so extra spesh…


I have said it before… writing typically comes pretty easily to me. But, when my heart is involved to this extreme… when I’m so enamored by such a little miracle… words elude me.


Ladies and gentlemen. My newest niece.

Absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way.

Ahh, newborn toes.  Awake ones.

This face right here.  So much my sister with a dash of my brother-in-law.  I can’t stand it!

This baby had to be delivered overseas where there was no ICU and no NICU.  I was so scared for my sister and prayed and prayed and prayed.  Thank God, everything went well.  Oh, thank God.

And she.  Is. Perfect.

And, I just have to say… her middle name?   Is Kay.

And, here is my baby nephew fulfilling his new role as big brother.   Oh my wordlessness.

Wished for, hoped for, prayed for…

… and so very loved.

And one more thing.

Chick winked at me.

She loves her auntie!

To my sister and brother-in-law:  My heart breaks into a million pieces when I think about how you’re returning to Guantanamo Bay soon.  Cuba sure is lucky to have such an amazing family stationed there.  I am cherishing every single minute with my newest niece and I loved every second of photographing her in all her perfection.  I can’t wait to see these pictures on your walls… and I can’t wait for those walls to be close by.

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