He is a dashing young man.

Dashing in more ways than one.

Because dashing is an adjective with more definitions than one.  And this boy is all three.

Dashing: Stylish.

I mean… hello, suspenders:

And those eyes!  They are stylish without even trying.

Always extra-super with the stylish, this boy.

Here he is just OWNING his skinny jeans, while being totally cute in the process:

He makes it look easy to be dashing.

Dashing: Gallant (brave and noble-minded) in appearance and manner

Why yes.  Yes he certainly is.

Dashing: Energetic and spirited; Lively

No doubt.  Here he is on the verge of vacating the trunk:

And, here he is dashing around in such a classic little-boy way… I can’t even stand it.

Boys and trucks.  A bond born at birth.

I have probably said it a million times:  I love watching little boys play.  They get so engaged in it.

And, things with wheels are always their number one choice.  (At least with my son and every boy that has ever been photographed in my studio)

And, oh goodness.

Did you hear about the wreck on Highway Cuteness?

Time is dashing, too. This boy has grown up in front of my camera since he was a newborn and it has been such a joy to see him blossom into the brave, stylish, noble-minded, spirited and lively young toddler he is today.  Dashing, indeed.  I love him so.

To his parents:  As always, your photo shoot was tons of fun.  Your boy is gorgeous inside and out.  You are such cool-awesome parents… and he is so lucky!  I loved all the laughs and running around we did.  (I count it as exercise so I don’t have to go to the gym. Score!)  I hope you like your preview and the rest will be finished soon!

There’s  a certain newborn girl…

She’s super presh, so extra spesh…


I have said it before… writing typically comes pretty easily to me. But, when my heart is involved to this extreme… when I’m so enamored by such a little miracle… words elude me.


Ladies and gentlemen. My newest niece.

Absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way.

Ahh, newborn toes.  Awake ones.

This face right here.  So much my sister with a dash of my brother-in-law.  I can’t stand it!

This baby had to be delivered overseas where there was no ICU and no NICU.  I was so scared for my sister and prayed and prayed and prayed.  Thank God, everything went well.  Oh, thank God.

And she.  Is. Perfect.

And, I just have to say… her middle name?   Is Kay.

And, here is my baby nephew fulfilling his new role as big brother.   Oh my wordlessness.

Wished for, hoped for, prayed for…

… and so very loved.

And one more thing.

Chick winked at me.

She loves her auntie!

To my sister and brother-in-law:  My heart breaks into a million pieces when I think about how you’re returning to Guantanamo Bay soon.  Cuba sure is lucky to have such an amazing family stationed there.  I am cherishing every single minute with my newest niece and I loved every second of photographing her in all her perfection.  I can’t wait to see these pictures on your walls… and I can’t wait for those walls to be close by.

It seems to happen overnight.   Bada-boom!  Your newborn is suddenly a 3-month-old chubber bubber.

And, my oh my… so many changes happen in those 3 short months.

Take a gander:

Photographers, please note: Mama’s hands never left baby.  These are composite images. Safety first- always!

Then, all it takes is a button-up shirt and bada-BOOM.  He’s looking all Big-Boy.

And, I think he feels just fine about that.

Oh but slow down, little one.

Even though you’re a big 3-month-old… you’re still a new baby.

Photography tip:  I always say that 3-months old is the awkward stage of babyhood.  They can’t sit up yet, but they don’t always want to lay down.  So, have mom or dad hold baby up in a sitting position and give them a new point of view.  It always, always, always results in cute expressions.

So, yes, you look very grown-up in that button-up, sir.

But, let’s get you back to baby.

I am thrilled that he decided to add a nap to the mix.  Because he was a champion sleeper and ALL little ones look younger when they’re sleeping.  (Which is why I often stare at my sleeping 5 and 7-year-old on many a night. So what.)

All it takes is some flawless baby skin and some Z’s and ….. bada-boom, bada-BABY.


I love this last shot because not only can you see his chubby cheeks and belly… you can also see his one-of-a-kind Angel Stamp-of-Approval on his leg.  So cute.

Precious bada-baby.

To his mama:  I love your beautiful boy!  I can’t wait to photograph him again in a few months, but tell him to slow down on the growin’ okay?  I don’t know who gave him permission to change so quickly, but it sure as heck wasn’t his photographer. ;)   Thanks for sharing the sleepy-baby cuddles… I consider it a form of therapy.  I hope you like your preview!  I appreciate your patience while some unforeseen family circumstances have slowed my workflow down a bit.  I’ll be in touch when the rest are finished soon!

Bloomers and bows and bears- Oh my!

I’m starting with bloomers and bows because I want you to see how adorable they can be.  Especially when paired with A Crawl of Epic Cuteness:

Did you notice that bottom lip sticking out?  Oh my word.

This sweetie pie is always fun to photograph.  And, fun to be around, too.  She would crawl between my feet when I was standing and crawl circles around me when I was sitting on the floor.

Look at this face:

And, I love this simple and classic little-girl combo:  Dots and sandles:

This photo was taken before Labor Day when it was acceptable to wear white shoes. (In case you care about that silly stuff.)

Here she is looking classically adorable in the same dress her aunt wore when she was a baby:

Seriously. She’s a total doll.

I LOVE when clients bring family heirlooms into the studio!

Here she is wearing an infant ring that her great-great grandmother bought for her grandmother to wear when she was a baby:

A true girly-girl, she loved wearing her ring and bracelet.

Which piggy went to the market?

I also love when clients bring fluffy friends.

I especially love photographing teddy bears. They are so timeless!  And they never blink.

And with teddy bears, there’s always  a bit of magic that happens.

It just… happens on it’s own.

So simply sweet.

To her parents: Thanks for bringing your beautiful girl into my studio again! As always, your session was full of fun.  I enjoyed every second of laughing and talking with you… such a precious family!  I hope you like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

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