Newborn boy, good as gold,

sleeping like a champion, six days old:


Soft as silk, curled up tight,

oozing out the cuteness with all his might:


I spy shoulder fuzz!!

Wee little bunny, give him a cuddle,

turn my heart into a mushy, mushy puddle:


Darling, precious, sweet little him,

Have yourself a stretch, stick out your limb!


I die!

Delicate, fragile, tissue-paper nails,

Oh how I love these newborn details:


Baseball boy, home-run dreams,

photographer’s heart is just-a burstin’ at the seams:


Daddy’s old glove, your new bat,

now everybody’s heart go pitter pat-pat:



Newborn goodness, Swoon Attack,

baby-blonde fuzz on your shoulders and your back:


Dressed in Cubs gear, red bow-tie,

wrinkles on your forehead, wrinkles on your thigh!


I can’t even stand it.

Heavens to mercy, goodness sake,

We all love a newborn face, fully awake:


Sweet new baby, freshness on fleek,

smiling in your sleep with a DIMPLE ON YOUR CHEEK!


I’ve swooned and I can’t get up.

I love him!

To his proud parents: Oh, how I couldn’t wait to photograph your sweet new bundle!  He is a true gem- a photographer’s dream. I feel so honored to have him on my calendar every few months throughout his first year. What a fantastic start to his Sweet Pea Plan!  You are amazing parents and I enjoyed our time in my studio. I hope you love these so far.  I’ll have the rest finished soon!

One | Spring Hill, TN Baby Photography

Posted on September 23, 2016


There’s a certain age when kid-life hasn’t yet begun…



between baby and toddler, it’s the sweet age of one:


When her hair is growing fast, but she’s still very small…


with flowers on her head and eyes like a doll:


If only time could pass with the speed of a snail…


While her cheeks are still round and her hair’s a duck tail:


Don’t worry mommy; baby days aren’t done…


Because of all of the numbers, her age is just one.


Now, this last image with big brother? So swoon-worthy, it took my rhymes away.

I really just can’t even.


I love her!  (and him!)

To their mother: Precious you! I always love time in the studio with you and your little ones. They are so beautiful, so spunky, and so very loved.  Glad Grammy could make it to this session, too. :) I hope you all adore your previews as much as I do!  The rest are already finished and uploading to your gallery.  Email coming soon!

To all the eyeballs reading this: I will be out of the studio and out of the office until October 3rd. Emails and phone calls will be answered in the order received as quickly as possible upon my return.  And, as always, thank you (from the bottom of my squishy heart) for stopping by and scrolling through my words and photos.  Keeping up with this blog is a lot of work, but knowing how much my clients look forward to these posts… well, it’s just very, very important to me and a big part of my clients’ experience.   So thank you. Much love! 


Ladies and gentlebabies, feast your eyes on the most-recent love of my life, my newest nephew:


My auntie heart exploded during this photo session.

Since my sister and her family had recently moved back to the states, I had to wait 2 months to get him in front of my camera.

Best day ever.


And, my, was he perfect.

HEAVENS!  Perfect in every way.


Really and truly… He’s ALWAYS a perfect little gentledude.  Always the mellow-est fellow.


And he loved our conversations in my second language: baby talk.


And, how perfect are these toes!!?


The best thing about this next one? It was not staged.

I told my sister, “Don’t move”:


Mr. Calm.  Mr. Cool.

Mr. Mellow-est Fellow…


Who also has a sense of humor:


I love him so!!

To my sister: I loved every minute of this relaxed and fun session with you filled with laughs and lots of sister talk. You know I’m ecstatic about you all living closer now!  I hope you love these as much I do! The rest will be finished soon!


Way beyond precious, this girl has a smile,

the kind I want to bottle up and keep for a while:


A certain fluffy friend brought her out of her shell,

with the help of this bunny, she did very well:


When we gave her her own bear, her face filled with light,

then she hugged both her friends with all of her might:


Do I love toddlers? You bet I do!

They’re so much fun at this sweet age of two:


With toddlers, I rarely ask them to pose.

Instead, I’ll ask them to point to bear’s nose:


Every bit tiny, this girl is pint-size…

except for long lashes on each of her eyes:


Way beyond precious in pony-ed up hair,

she killed me with cuteness when she peaked through the chair:


Way beyond precious, all pretty in pink,

this fun year of two goes by in a blink:



So much fun, this wee girl, with her giggles and play,

How much beyond precious? The answer is WAY:


I love her!

To her parents: Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful girl back into my studio again!  She was beyond precious for sure and I had a lot of fun with her. I hope you like your previews- the rest will be finished soon!


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