Sweet little darling with eyes of blue,


in a dress that your grandmother made just for you:


With your monogram blanket and ten tiny toes…


Giving a stretch makes a really cute pose:


And then you decide to give us a wink…


Yes, you’re every bit as cute as you think:


Chewing on your fingers like 3-month-olds do…


You even decided to take a nap, too:


Move mountains? Yes, one day you will…


But for now, sweet girl, you need only be still:


And yes- she really needed to be still. Because what these pictures don’t tell you is that baby girl kept startling herself in her sleep!  She made us work for these sleepy shots, but as always, we won in the end.  :)

I love her!

To her mommy and Say-Say: You already know how much I adore you both!  Thanks for another fantastic session and I hope you love these so far!  I have really appreciated your patience as this is an extra-busy time of year for me.  I’ll have the rest finished very soon!


Here we have a handsome brown-eyed babe.  Back for his 3-month session and eager to show me his favorite hobby: being held.

Folks, he did not want to be put down.

Luckily, my camera is a quick beast. Grabbing a shot here and there right before his realization of not being held kicked in.


I have no problem putting my camera down and picking up a baby, though. It’s one of my favorite parts of this job.

Giving cuddles and getting baby therapy in return.  Really, there’s nothing sweeter!!

There are still ways to get great photos without putting the baby down, and this darling gave us the perfect opportunity to put those tactics to use.

I always have mom prop baby in a sitting position.  Even if it’s just for a second, it gives him a new perspective on his surroundings. And, I can grab a quick close-up of his precious face:


And who doesn’t want to remember how sweet baby looks while in his most favorite place… his mommy’s arms?


Sweet baby boy, you sure are loved.  Your feet may never touch the ground if all who love you can’t put you down.  (I’m included in the group.  Love. To hold. The baby.)

Another trick… have mom put baby down and hover over him while talking to him:


Hey sweet buddy, remember me?

baby_04Good gracious, he’s cute!

And his little hand, too!


And toes.  Let’s not forget those:


And grab quick shots of cute expressions between fusses:


And a little tummy time, too.

Forehead wrinkles, you swoon me.


So yes, he was a bit of a challenge… But, in the end, he got held a lot and we got adorable photos.

Everyone’s a winner!


I love a challenge.

I love him!

To his mommy: I always love laughing with you…especially since your laugh is on my Top 10 Favorite Laughs List.  I loved cuddling your sweet boy and I’m already looking forward to his 6-month session.  I promise- he’ll let us put him down for that one!  Sitting on his own will be his new favorite hobby. :)  I hope you like these previews- the rest will be finished soon!

Sixteen months… what do you get?  Another day older and faster, you bet.

I was so happy to have this sweet girl back in my studio.

Seems like just yesterday she was a newborn… I think her big brother agrees:


I can’t even handle that.

So yes-she’s older and faster and all over the place!

Toddler photo sessions are the noisiest… but I’m usually the one making the most noise.  If I have to make the sound of a dragon choking on his own fire to get their attention… I will go boss on that dragon impression.

A long strand of pearls comes in handy, too:


I love the timelessness of her attire.


Shoes with buckles and socks with lace…

classy and cute, all over the place:


She was very energetic… but also so very sweet.

Sweet Sixteen-Month-Old… with a tiny heart of gold.


Next to big brother, she’s still just a baby:


He has lots of love for this sweet little lady:


Here she is with her Lovie Kitty… both the new one and the loved one (because the smartest mamas have a backup).


The loved one is my favorite, too, sweet girl.


I love the strings hanging from kitty’s nose!  (Because she likes to bite on it, ha!)

I love toddlers.

I love HER!

To her mama:  I told you there was good stuff in my camera! And there’s more where this came from.  Toddlers have a great way of making a session seem chaotic, but we always win in the end.  To her Auntie- It was great meeting you (although I still feel like that already happened in the past somehow) …you were a terrific assistant and our dance moves were so coordinated, people would think of us as a duo. The 3 of us grown-ups made a great team. I hope you all love these previews, the rest will be finished soon!

He was 11 pounds at birth and now, at 3 months of age, he is tipping the scales at 17 pounds.

Feast your eyes on my favorite Little Big-Guy:


With rolls for days, he lays and plays:


Oh, but he is so much MORE than just a bigger-sized baby.

He is strong… when he held my hand, he had a kung-fu grip strong enough to rival his great Paw-Paw’s.


And he  owned tummy time like a boss…


And he was vocal… wanting so badly to talk more than any baby I’ve ever known.


Constantly thinking, I can’t wait until he can share those thoughts with the rest of us.

Until then, Baby Talk will do:BabyPhoto_04

Yes, he’s more than just a bigger-sized baby.. he is a baby who is going to do big things.

But for now, let’s not forget how young he really is.



 Ladies and gentlebabies, seat belts must now be fastened.

Because this next photo proves that he has an epic party going on in the back…

Lucky for us, we have a backstage pass:


BabyPhoto_08Baby-Pattern baldness filling in with new blonde fuzz…complete with chubby wubby back rolls?!  I can’t!

And you can bet your burlap there was a lot of cheek squeezing going on.

No one. Can resist. Cheeks such as this:


No one can resist this baby.

Little Big-Guy… in a bow tie…


I love him!!!

To his mama: It was soooo great to meet you and thank you so much for letting me love on your precious boy.  You are doing an amazing job of being such a good mother to him. To his grandma (Mama J!!) it was so great to see you again after all these years and I continue to adore you so much!!  Thanks so much for allowing me to capture this fleeting milestone age … this handsome boy sure is loved and I’m already looking forward to photographing him again in a few months.

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