That’s what I did when I first met him… with my eyebrows above my head and my hand on my heart.

The same might happen to you.

Folks, get your lungs ready… because here he is:


Love at first sigh, for sure.

There was nothing that wasn’t perfect about him.

Like all his dark hair:


But, his dashing good looks weren’t all that was sigh-worthy. He also happened to be a champion model.

He was just five days new and a photographer’s dream.

His session was wrapped up in about two hours and that included a couple of feedings and a couple of diaper changes, too.


His hands loved to be near his face. I don’t blame them. Such an adorable one.

Already earning Champ Status so early in his life.


(I just heard the wind pick up outside.  I’m sure it was from the collective and colossal sigh from everyone seeing his cuteness right now.)

If you’re suddenly deciding to bring one (or another) baby into this world, I give you my permission.


And, if that didn’t make your uterus skip a beat… get a load of these fuzzy shoulders:


I LOVE fuzzy newborns!  I don’t know how I can stand it sometimes.

Honestly, it was hard for me to cover those shoulders up.

But, he loved it… and he was the boss.  And he sure did make for a cute little coffee bean.


Deep breaths are good for the soul.  So, feel free to sigh as much as you want.

And, go ahead and bring more babies into this world. I’ll be waiting right here… with sighs, snuggles and a camera…to be your loving photographer.



To his parents:  It was so nice to meet you!  As I said, it was easy to see you have the parenting thing down… you are both naturals.  And your boy is beautiful!  I’m so glad you moved to the area and found me. I felt like I had known for you for years already.  To the proud grandmother: It was nice to meet you, too! I was glad you were still in town and able to join us for the session.  I hope you all like your preview- the rest will be finished soon!

At his newborn session, I called him Sir Snugs.  Because he was born to snuggle.

Now that he is six months old, I am proud to announce that nothing has changed in the snuggle department.  He still likes to snuggle.  A lot.

Ladies and Gentlebabies… Sir Snugs-A-Lot. In all his charming cuteness:


Isn’t he dapper?

He was also the King of Hats.


Sweet boy!

Really. He wore a hat like nobody’s business.

Baby-Boy_03 Way to own it, buddy.

He didn’t even have a problem with a blanket hat- my personal favorite baby accessory.



So timeless.

 Of course- no hat at all was perfectly fine with him, too.


But, he certainly rocked his “Hunting-Wabbits” hat (as I called it):


Hello, beautiful boy!

He was a fantastic model for his entire session.

Toward the end, though, he really just wanted to live up to his nickname.  Sir Snugs-A-Lot.

His cuddles were earned.  Especially this one from his mama:


Such a sweet, sleepy snuggle face!

And while his mama and nanny gathered their things, I got some major snuggle time with him myself.  That’s what I call Bonus Pay. Baby therapy is like nothing else.

 And before I close this, I must show you how cute Sir Snugs-A-Lot looked with his big sisters.  Two gals I have photographed for several years now. (Which means these kids occupy a huge space in my heart.)


Such blessings. And each of them so amazingly smart and polite.

To his mama: Thanks for bringing your sweet snuggler back into my studio. He was a charmer and so, so sweet.  Sweet like his big sisters.  Manners. Manners everywhere.  I love it. Also, thanks for the messy-knot hair help.  I’m still trying and hopefully I can one day make my hair like yours. I’ve been practicing.  To their nanny: It was so great to meet you and thanks for all your help!  I hope you like this preview- you know the drill from here!

Yeah, I capitalized the title for a reason.

When you’re a 20-pound six-month-old, you’re JUMBO.

What does a JUMBO of the handsome variety look like?

I’m so glad you asked:




With the fairest of skin and with just the right amount of squish… he was a marshmallow.  (A jumbo one, of course.)

And who doesn’t love a jumbo marshmallow?


Squish, squish!

I know it’s hard to resist, but please don’t eat him up.

Porcelain skin, the bluest of eyes and the perfect amount of rosy to his cheeks… complete with a classic wave of hair the color of cornsilk…



It doesn’t get any more precious than that.

Well, until you add a bow tie.

Bow ties somehow improve things that don’t even need improving in the first place.








Fun fact: He would go from sad to smiling in a millisecond.

Here’s his “you-can’t-help-but-give-me-the-world” look:



Goodness me!! Yes, give him the world- right now!  Silver platter, coming right up!

So, I would be a goober and he would instantly smile again.



And then there’s this look that says, “Woops, did I just drool?”



He was such a sweet dimpled little darling.

Big darling, actually.  Remember- He ain’t no mini marshmallow.


And, before I end this blog feature, I have to tell you:  It happened again:

Just when my clients thought they were free to walk out the door, I said, “Wait a minute, not so fast…”

Because I had no choice but to grab one more shot of this marshmallow goodness.



And I am so glad I did.

To his parents: Y’all are great.  Always so much fun to be around. And carrying around that adorable JUMBO marshmallow is going to give you some massive muscles for sure.  Now please. Whatever you do… don’t drop him into your hot chocolate.  I adore your family and I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon!


Ahh, look at this sleeping new baby boy…


So, why the name for this blog title you ask?

Because this:


 Well, hello there Bright Eyes!

 Typically, I don’t mention the names of the babies I photograph in my blog, but this title was just too perfect to pass up.  (His parents agreed with me.)

Wyatt was wide awake for almost all of his session.  Wyatt Awake.

Big baby browns, looking all around.  This is a boy who won’t miss a thing.



Extremely cute at being awake, isn’t he?! 

And, awake toes?!  I can’t forget those:


 The wrinkles, the peelies… so perfectly newborn.

An awake newborn hand is pretty cute, too.

All tight in the fist and white in the fingertips:


Goodness, even newborn armpits are divine.

 Now, let’s not forget… he DID sleep… for a minute or few…


… allowing me to capture these lashes so new:


And newborn baby back wrinkles?   Gimme.


But, since he was Wyatt Awake for most of the session…

I must close out his blog feature with an awake shot.

My favorite awake shot:


Ah! Those forehead wrinkles kill me with cuteness!

You can see how observant he is in that photo, which is why I love it.

Being observant is good for this life.  Take it from an observant photographer.  Friends are used to me picking fuzzies off their shirts. (And some strangers, too. You’re welcome, random lady in the grocery store.)

To his parents: I adore your sweet little family and I was thrilled to meet your newest love.  I’m thinking he’ll grow up to be a Keri Kay Photography poster child just like his big sister.  I’m so glad he looks like mama with his daddy’s eyes!  Lucky little chap!   I hope you like this preview- the rest will be finished soon.


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