I knew this would be a great photo session when his cheeks came into the room about 5 seconds before the rest of him.


Encased in those glorious cheeks?  A most-precious smile:


A smile that lasted a while.


He had smiles for miles.  Miles and miles of smiles.


Precious cherub cheeks and hair,

dressed in blue to match his stare:



The curl of his hair and the curve of his cheeks…

cheeks for weeks and weeks and weeks:


And now, a fun photo duo:

Here he is a millisecond before he realized I had a fox in my studio to match his outfit:


Once he found it?  This happened:



His smiles came with a sweet surprise,

they always reached clear up to his eyes:


I love him!

To his mother: It was soooo great to see you again!  I still can’t believe a year went by that quickly. Thanks so much for bringing your boy back into my studio and letting me squish his cheeks as much as I wanted.  His cuteness is almost too much to handle. I hope you love these so far- I’ll have the rest finished soon!


This beautiful little tidbit was born early, weighing just over 3 pounds.

We did her newborn session when she was six and a half weeks old and close to 5 pounds.

Good things come in small packages:


So very pretty with her strawberry hair and beautifully blonde eyebrows:


Unplanned images like this next one are always favorites of mine.

They make me never want to put my camera down.


She slept through her entire session, however she was a very jumpy sleeper.  Even when I wasn’t touching her, she would jump and startle, and show me her shaky kicks.

Which brings me to one conclusion: She’s a tiny dancer. :) 

It was appropriate that her mama brought this tiny tutu.

newborn_06Seriously, this tutu is SO tiny in person.  Just like this sweet baby.

She also did a lot of “sleep singing”.  Constantly grunting and making all kinds of stretchy sounds during her shoot.

Newborn grunts are my favorite song.


“Looking on, she sings the songs

The words she knows, the tune she hums”…


“pretty eyed, pirate smile”…


Will she marry a music man? ;)

Now that we all have the song stuck in our heads… I want you to collectively sigh as you feast your eyes on this gorgeous pair of sisters…

newborn_08They take my breath away.

Raise your hand if you love your photographer!


I love you, too, Tiny Dancer… “you had a busy day today”.

To her mother: It was so great to finally meet you.  You have such a sweet and soothing personality… born to be a mother for sure.  Big sister, it was great to meet beautiful and lovable you, too! I love how you didn’t want to leave. You’re welcome to hang out at my studio any time! And to the new dad: It was so great to see you again and in the role of a proud father. What a precious family you all make! I hope you love these so far… the rest will be finished soon!


Tiny and precious with eyes of blue,

Here is a baby just 3 months new:


Flawless and breezy, simple and sweet,

Baby’s so good at kicking those feet:

Baby_01b3 months new in his first baseball hat,

so much cuteness for us to swoon at:


Too young to have any super-big plans,

for now he’ll just hold his own tiny hands:


He wanted so badly to stay awake,

But a studio snooze, he needed to take:


And I’m so glad he did, it allows us to see,

These feathery-brown lashes, sweet as can be:


his soft baby skin, so perfect so fair,

and fuzzy blonde hair, just barely there:


And, always a favorite- yes everyone knows,

I must photograph these ten tiny toes:


His nap was a good one, I have proof that it’s true,

he woke happy and smiling…and 3 months new:


I love him!!

To his parents: It’s a true honor to be photographing your newest bundle throughout his first year, just like we did with your oldest. And wow- you sure have a lot to be proud of with your two darling boys! I enjoyed every minute of this session and I already have lots of favorites. I hope you do, too, and the rest will be finished soon!


I could sing this baby’s praises all day long for the rest of my life.

The following images are exhibits 1-8 and proof of his Model Level: Expert.

Exhibit 1: Tummy time fun

Why not begin with the sweetest dimple chin…



Exhibit 2: Hair with style and a perfect smile



Exhibit 3:  As cute as can be!


Exhibit 4: A studio snore!

(Extra points for this one. At 4 months old, naps this glorious are rare).


Exhibit 5:  All uterus-es come alive!

Can you stand it!?


Exhibit 6: He adds CHEEKS to the mix



Exhibit 7:  Sleepy-baby heaven


Exhibit 8:  he woke up so great


(I told him to raise his hand if he loves his photographer).

I love you, too, precious boy!

To his mommy, auntie and granna: Thanks for bringing your expert model back for another wonderful session! I had so much fun with you all. He is such a lovable baby…little cartoon hearts were floating all around the room.  He really is perfect. I hope you love these- the rest will be finished soon!

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